Emerson lacrosse suffers third quarter slumps

by Tyler Deffebach / Beacon Correspondent • April 4, 2013

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The men's lacrosse team has lost four games in a row.
The men's lacrosse team has lost four games in a row.

Mount Ida College 20

Emerson College 8 

On Monday, the men’s lacrosse team allowed eight goals in the third quarter against Mount Ida College and dug themselves an insurmountable deficit, leading to another game in which the Lions were unable to stay competitive in the second half of the match.

The final score was 20-8.

Emerson has been outscored 52 to 27 in the third and fourth quarters this season, according to Great Northeast Athletic Conference statistics.

Ben White, a senior defenseman, said that the Lions have struggled particularly in the third period of games throughout the season. 

“We have had third quarter slumps all season,” said the visual and media arts major. “We always play really well in the first half, and we usually finish strong in fourth quarters but we get killed in the third.”

White said after halftime the team’s offense seems to be inaccurate in its shots, cutters seem to be late, and the defense seems to lack energy because the team has a smaller-than-normal roster. 

“I feel like what happens is that we lose our adrenaline and our lack of numbers really comes into play,” White said. “And I know that numbers is a fall-back excuse, but it really does make a difference when a 20-man squad works really hard for the first half, and we come out in the third and can’t keep up with a 40-man team.”

The Lions have 21 players on the roster, while Mount Ida has 31.

Nicholas Kitsos, a freshman communication studies major and an attacker, said that the team’s mentality needs to adjust in the later half of games.

“We have to change our perspective and start playing the second half as an entirely different game,” Kitsos said. “Being down at halftime affects our mental state, and we need to not be worried about winning the game so much as getting ground balls and not as many penalties so we can start chipping away to some wins.”

Emerson kept its most recent game close, trailing at halftime by only three goals, but came out of the locker room with low energy and allowed five goals in the span of two minutes.

The Lions were out-shot in the third quarter 12-3 and only had one save. The team turned the ball over seven times in the period as well.

The team also committed some severe penalties in the second half of the game including unsportsmanlike conduct by junior midfielder Max Smith, who was ejected from the game as a result of this infraction.

Bill Leopold, a senior defense player, said that there is a sense of disappointment in the season thus far and thinks the Lions have the potential to play at a higher ability than they have demonstrated this year.

“I think there is a definite level of frustration in that we are better than we have played and better than our record shows,” said the journalism major. “It’s annoying going against teams that have twice as many people as us, but at the same time we have come together a lot as a team, and it’s hard to watch games slip away from you without too much you can personally do.”

The Lions have lost four games in a row and are currently 2-5 overall and 1-4 in conference play. The team needs two more wins with four games remaining to guarantee a playoff spot this season.

Emerson’s next game is scheduled for April 6 at Emmanuel College.



Jason Madanjian, Beacon staff, contributed reporting.