Lions unable to start offense against Saints

by Tyler Deffebach / Beacon Correspondent • April 11, 2013

The men's lacrosse team has lost five games in a row.
The men's lacrosse team has lost five games in a row.

Emmanuel College: 16

Emerson College: 4

On Saturday, the men’s lacrosse team was unable to sustain possession of the ball during the first quarter of play resulting in Emerson’s fifth consecutive loss. 

The Lions’ defense could not keep up with Emmanuel College’s early offensive barrage of shots, as the Saints shot the ball 22 times in the opening period, and was limited to taking only three shots of their own, causing an early 4-0 deficit.

Emerson lost the game with a final score of 16-4.   

Head coach Dan Gold said Emmanuel’s defense prevented his team’s offense from operating smoothly in the opening minutes of the game.

“It was hard to get into any sort of rhythm,” Gold said. “[The Saints] came out firing, and we kind of sat back on our heels.”

Throughout the first quarter, Gold urged his defensemen to be more aggressive in a zone defense, which the Lions abandoned at the start of the second period. 

“We were a little shy defensively,” Gold said. “Basically, I was telling [the Lions] to get up and push their shooters further out, but we didn’t want them to take shots without being contested.”

Harry Whitney, a freshman defenseman, said that Emerson’s lack of defensive energy caused the team’s offense to struggle early in the game.

“In the first half, we were really stagnant because of the zone defense, so we couldn’t really get any offense started,” said the visual and media arts major. “Then in the second half things got a little bit hectic, because the score started to run up, and it became much more of an intense game.”

Emerson also struggled to shoot the ball accurately — the team only had 11 total shots on goal, compared to Emmanuel’s 31. The Lions also had only four assists in the game, compared to 10 by the Saints.

The men’s lacrosse team ranks second to last for both of these categories in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference.

Despite the team’s recent losing streak, Emerson can still reach the GNAC playoffs. With a current conference record of 1-6, the team must win its two remaining games against Lasell College and Anna Maria College.

The team plays at Lasell on April 13.