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Monday, October 23, 2017

Housing in Boston Series

Cambridge a hub of culture and academia

There could be a little something for everyone in Cambridge—a city whose diversity presents itself through a combination of history, culture, academics, and arts.

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Off-campus living, on-campus appeal

In downtown Boston, entertainment is always a short walk away. The area is known not only for its commerce but also for places where people can explore, shop, and relax.

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The convenience and bustle of Fenway-Kenmore

"It gives me a lot of bragging rights, because I literally live in the closest possible building to Fenway." — Jamie Bishop, a junior visual media arts major

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The charm and cost of Beacon Hill

In Beacon Hill, every activity, from doing laundry to shopping for food, can come with an expensive price tag. But students who live there say it’s still worth it.

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Housing in Boston

As students begin the annual housing search, the Beacon is featuring a different Boston-area neighborhood each week—complete with pros and cons, nightlife prospects, and advice from current residents.

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Parties, bars, and rats abound in Allston

Although Emerson students who live in the neighborhood had some complaints, they said the area is still a good choice—and has the right price.