The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beacon Beats Series

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Beacon Beats: Holly Kirkman and Phillip Jones

Student musicians Holly Kirkman and Phillip Jones joined together in an experimental duo to perform acoustic renditions of jazz hits from the last 80 years.

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Beacon Beats: Al Jo

For the latest Beacon Beats, sophomore Alex Johnson, who goes by the stage name Al Jo, performed several tracks from his debut mixtape.

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Beacon Beats: Ben Mueller and the Low Ceilings

Just months after forming their band, the first-year students of Ben Mueller and the Low Ceilings joined Beacon Beats on Friday to perform a vibrant set of their folk-centric compositions.

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Beacon Beats: Michael Mirabella Music

For the latest Beacon Beats, Michael Mirabella and his bandmates Harry Brownstein and Jack Naylor enlivened the Beacon office with buoyant performances of their original tunes.

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Beacon Beats: Monica Rosenblatt with Kieran Collier

Sophomore Monica Rosenblatt, accompanied on guitar by junior Kieran Collier, performed powerful, resonant renditions of contemporary hits.

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Beacon Beats: Achoired Taste

The a cappella group Achoired Taste joined Beacon Beats—the Beacon's new musical performance series—to sing a harmonious vocal medley.

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Beacon Beats: Kevin Zabrecky

For the inaugural Beacon Beats, Kevin Zabrecky, a senior performing arts major, played a mix of his latest compositions.