Survey demographics

Overall, students who took the survey are fairly representative of the college overall, in terms of class year and race.

Diversity important to students

Students nearly unanimously said diversity and inclusion were important values, but faulted the college for having an insufficiently diverse staff.

Students feel sexual assault prevention training is lacking

Among undergraduates, each older class felt less satisfied with the sexual harrassment and assault prevention training that Emerson provided.

More than any other undergraduate class, freshmen were satisfied with their understanding of Emerson’s policies dealing with sexual assault, and believed their training would actually be effective.

Across the college, 50 percent or fewer of students believed that Emerson would support their peers who file sexual assault reports, take corrective action against offenders, and administer policies fairly.

Among students, racial divides in sense of belonging

Students identifying as black or African-American consistently reported having less of a sense of belonging than students of other racial and ethnic groups

High marks for academic support

Students said they felt their professors were fair, and that Emerson provided adequate support to succeed academically.

Diversity important to faculty and staff

Like students, faculty and staff consistently said diversity and inclusion were important personal values. However, they were more satisfied than students about the diversity of Emerson’s employees. 

Faculty and staff say they aren’t paid fairly

Fewer than half of employees said they felt they were paid fairly for their work. Professors gave notably lower responses about the college’s benefits compared to staff and administrators.

Professors fault resources

Few employees were satisifed with staffing levels, but professors were particularly unhappy with their facilities.