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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Interactive Feature • April 15, 2015

Calculate how much your adjunct professors earn

Adjunct professors are asking the college for higher pay as their union negotiates a new contract. “We essentially work full-time, even if we’re not considered full-time employees,” adjunct professor Andre Puca, who led a letter-writing campaign earlier this year, told the Beacon in March. Some adjuncts have said Emerson doesn’t pay enough to justify working at the college.

Part-time professors made up to 57 percent of Emerson’s faculty in 2014, according to the college’s latest public data. Their latest contract expired in July 2014.

A landmark 2010 survey found that the median pay for a 3-credit course at a master’s level, private, nonprofit college was $2,904, or about $3,872 for a 4-credit course, for adjunct professors. Among master’s level, private, nonprofit colleges in New England, the median pay for a 3-credit course was $3,750, or $5,000 for 4 credits, according to an analysis of that survey by the American Association of University Professors.

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Research by Dina Kleiner and Ryan Catalani, Beacon Staff. Class data includes courses offered to undergraduates in the Spring 2015 semester, and is from Emerson's official course listings. Professor data is from Emerson's departmental websites. Salary data and contract information is from the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College union website. The Boston income statistic from the U.S. Census.