The Berkeley Beacon

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Complex identities miss the “Boat”

The show gives the false impression that the only real difficulties we minorities face are in confronting the stupidity and vapidity of racial ignorance.

At Emerson, innovation ends at coursework divisions

Positive changes to better access the rise in multidimensional careers have happened in the past, and they ought to continue.


Fast fashion's lasting woes

A culture that shops fast fashions enables the institutions like sweatshops that it employs, along with the women’s oppression and environmental degradation that comes with them.


David Carr, 1956 - 2015

The consummate newsman, Carr wasn’t afraid to criticize himself or condemn subjects as difficult and complex as his own soul.

Costly snow days put classes in perspective

The snow days aren't anyone's fault, but they have become everyone's problem.

For celebrities, talent isn’t enough to excuse problematic pasts

The difficult part about holding our talented favorites accountable for their problematic behavior is that so often, we genuinely admire their work.


Instead of romance, selfishness reigns supreme

We have the chance to be selfish and participate in activities that not only inspire us but also push our careers to the next level.

For people of color, mandatory minimums with maximum damage

While these harsh sentences were meant to discourage the use and sale of drugs, statistics show that this has not been the case.


In Patriots vs. protest, racial bias revealed

There is a clear double standard for public behavior in our country.

SGA starts semester with delusions of grandeur

Emerson exists in the real world and we pay many real-world dollars to be here. Plans to solve problems within the school are a more effective way to demonstrate the importance of student government.

Antiquated internship policy requires reform

In the competitive fields many Emerson students aspire to work in, it’s expected that graduates will have several internships under their belts.

Hebdo, not hate speech

Satire and other forms of critique have always been powerful journalistic tools used to bring attention to otherwise sensitive problems or issues.

Do no harm: Depression’s definition leaves much to be desired

The 21st century has brought on the medicalization of sadness—the mindset that sadness is an abnormal attitude that requires professional treatment.

The promised land is still in our dreams

The North wasn’t my “promised land,” but a land of broken promises. I’ve seen more upset black people here at Emerson than ever before.


White allies must find courage to listen more

White allies can, and should, play an important role. But they too often have left many people of color jaded.