The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some thoughts deserve more than a tweet

The sevenscore letter limit demands parsimony, brevity, and (it would seem to follow) wit.

Space should belong to everyone

Before the school begins designating space for a particular organization, it needs to ensure that there are enough locations for any group to meet and students to hang out.


A challenging future for the young

The largely depressed state of our economy is a generational problem, one that will only fester if further left untreated, devastating the job prospects of Emerson graduates more than those from many other schools.

A new appreciation for print in the digital age

In its brief golden age, the e-reader has taught me something. It has made me appreciate print in a way I never could if I hadn’t unwrapped my Kindle that Christmas, or my iPad the next.


Love: not just a tweet away

It’s been said time and time again to me since I first started to use the internet: “Don’t trust anyone that you talk to online.”

Sticks and stones, words hurt

The first time I was called a bitch, I didn’t really know what it meant. I was in the lunch line at my elementary school, and when one of my male peers tried to cut me, I voiced my sense of injustice quite loudly. He turned to me and said, “Don’t be such a bitch.” That shut me right up.

SGA neglects to post minutes

The SGA finds itself shirking the responsibility again, with no minutes posted since October 23.

Less than a local, more than a tourist

I wouldn’t feel right calling myself a local because it’s not home yet: I’ve built nothing here, enhanced nothing, left no existential mark.


Firearms, fatalities, but finally a discussion

Sensible gun laws are possible, and the time for debate and action on these laws is now, as initiated by President Obama and other members of Congress in the past month.

President Pelton Calls for Action

Both the student body and Pelton must remain committed to these discussions, especially at a time when public opinion affords us the the power to effect real change.

Photographs versus Instagram’s fleeting flicker

But I also don’t believe that technology is a panacea. I find it striking that a tweet from last year can be much harder to find than my grandparents’ handwritten family records from decades ago — and that films from the Technicolor age can still be projected, but in a few decades, or even years, our DVDs of Toy Story and Slumdog Millionaire may be worthless.


On Twitter, feuds hit where they really hurt

It’s the rise of this bifurcated online self that made the recent Twitter brawl between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson arresting, especially since Johnson was so unknown. She’s no celebrity, yet her comments elicited sexually explicit personal attacks from one of the most notorious celebrities on the planet.


EBONI sets the stage for two prestigious speakers

The $18,280 price tag may seem costly, but EBONI has earned our trust as an organization that has delivered excellent results on this particular series of events. Furthermore, the organization cited nine co-sponsors including fellow student organizations and President M. Lee Pelton’s office. This is exactly the kind of event the entire college should proudly invest in, student body included.

Hillary Clinton, the Washington scene-stealer

The good news is that the tricky, polarizing Hillary is virtually irrelevant to this electorate. We are not Clinton Democrats. We know Obamacare, not Hillarycare. We were children during President Clinton’s impeachment and less than a decade old when George W. Bush took office.


Political sex scandals: a new frontier in gender equality

Maybe in the next century, we will be impeaching our third female president for getting caught under her desk with an entry level employee or scolding female CIA agents for having wild sex orgies on the job.