The Berkeley Beacon

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Being more free about that monthly bleed

It doesn’t matter whether you menstruate or not...this is something we can all benefit from understanding.


Protests’ critics reduce rightful desires to whines

So of course these protests will be messy, and they ought to make us all uncomfortable.

Emerson should implement service learning mandate

For Emerson to support such a symbiotic relationship among students and the Boston community would set an important precedent.

Sharing a struggle without a conclusion

But the truth is that the symptoms of a mental illness may rise and subside as frequently as the tide.


Talks on Tumblr must go beyond the blog

There needs to be a deeper knowledge of the intersectionality of these issues in order to invoke major change.

With inclusion, Emerson Engagement Lab entertains

For something so unique, the Engagement Lab's accomplishments deserve far more student attention and support.

Between the sheets, there’s an in-between

The idea of enthusiastic consent is a necessary ideal we should keep pursuing, but at the moment it’s just that—an ideal.


A letter to ‘harmless’ street hecklers

A woman’s body is not inherently sexual—the sexual objectification comes from you.

Student art deserves a space to be showcased

The enormous amount of free, quality art being produced by students at this school is often ignored and there doesn't seem to be any good reason why.


Planned Parenthood and the three percent

It is a symptom of how unequal our society is that what I demand seems radical.

A fight to finish for LGBTQ community

It had always seemed like a relic of the past to me, but it’s still a horrible part of our present.

College resources for mental health are improving

These are steps that allow students to work on campus without the weight of worrying about having adequate mental health resources.

Nicki Minaj shows feminists what’s good

But when a woman with the agency to use her sexuality and profit from it actually does so, she crosses some delusional boundary of morality.


Girl bands raise the volume on women’s stories

Girl bands naturally facilitate conversations about what it means to be a woman.

Colonial’s closure an unavoidable growing pain

It deserves a second life that serves students who can benefit from its remodeling many more months out of the year.