The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Living on the fringe of LGBTQ

Many people are afraid to come out as bi, in part because they know they will be told to pick a side.

Emerson's medical amnesty policy needs overhaul

But there's a clear disconnect between how Emerson advertises its amnesty services, and its de facto implementation.


A whitewashed awards season

I want the Oscars to grow and expand, but I can’t wait for them.

Refusing to choose Clinton

Perhaps the only way to circumvent a forced choice is to refuse to submit to it.

Hoverboard ban paves way for major change

And although Emerson's new rule is cased in a humorous shell, the college's recent ban of the device, at its core, is a reminder that conduct policies shan't be set stone.


Scrapping the ‘new year’ concept

I woke up the next morning, however, with no unrealistic expectations for myself, and thus, no opportunities for failure or self-criticism.

Facing down the barrel of a gun

The truth is we don’t deserve a right to bear arms, and saying this could get me shot.

Semester in review: worthy stories deserve second look

This semester has seen emboldened movements and sincere attempts to push Emerson into a direction that more accurately adheres to its philosophy of bringing innovation to communication and the arts.


Students with invisible disabilities are slighted

It’s presumptuous and shame someone for something as simple as taking an elevator.

Terror in Paris illuminates erasure

This is where we first learn who the protagonist will be and who will earn most of our empathy—Westerners.

Lipdub doesn't deserve our lip service

There's a value judgement behind keeping Swift as the artist that the video had students mouth along to, and it's one that isn't in the interest of diversity or inclusion.

Being more free about that monthly bleed

It doesn’t matter whether you menstruate or not...this is something we can all benefit from understanding.


Protests’ critics reduce rightful desires to whines

So of course these protests will be messy, and they ought to make us all uncomfortable.

Emerson should implement service learning mandate

For Emerson to support such a symbiotic relationship among students and the Boston community would set an important precedent.

Sharing a struggle without a conclusion

But the truth is that the symptoms of a mental illness may rise and subside as frequently as the tide.