The Berkeley Beacon

Saturday, October 21, 2017

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A reason to read into religion

The consequence of this, I believe, is that we harbor misconceptions about the religious and their faiths, and this lack of understanding, and fear even, is a catalyst for intolerance, prejudice, and violence.

New dean could bring needed cohesion

Our siloed departments could benefit from breaking down some barriers—sow the knowledge across the scholarly lands, we say.

Bernie Bros and Hillary fans can coexist

Attacking one candidate for the sake of bolstering the other is unsustainable.

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A woman’s fight to finish last

Gender politics play a big role in bedroom enjoyment.

Calling on the college to revamp student safety

Emerson's administration ought to hop on board with a change to bridge the gap between the T's reduced hours and the needs of students: implementing a campus shuttle.

Waiting for the smoke to clear

Signs of this compulsion at all are troublesome, but here, it’s particularly bad.

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‘I slay, we slay’: 'Formation' flaunts black femininity

“Formation” posits that our culture might not be negro-owned, but it’s negro-operated.

Student athletes shouldn't be underestimated

But our athletes are no different from any other driven, passionate, and socially conscious student.

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Stressed chasing early success

Yet the years of our lives that we place the most value on seem to be getting shorter by the minute.

Letter to the editor: In response to 'Tattoos that don't stick to the rule book'

We are deeply concerned that the Emerson student body may not be aware of the health risks and sanctions that individuals who engage in this type of activity may be subject to as a result of their actions.

Pushing men to fight for feminism

Every self-identified woman is a human being and that alone should make them deserving of compassion.

Making a platform for marginalized voices

Asking people to consider equality is different than asking people to implement concrete activities that create specific pathways for oppressed and slighted groups.

Writing as a work in progress

This is the conflict of the young writer, and in many ways, of all young artists. We have so much energy and passion to put into our work, but not the experience to know how to properly analyze it.

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Caught between oppressed and oppressor

But to be blinded by the hatred and hurt we have received would cause us to miss an essential distinction about our privilege.

Reflecting on value of a new campus space

But ultimately, it isn't in anyone's best interest to create a quick fix solution just to ease tensions and create a short term hush for the chaos.