The Berkeley Beacon

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Victory Stride influences students

Events like Victory Stride, which discussed the history of minority empowerment and the fight for civil rights, are invaluable to a school that is still striving to bolster diversity and integrate black history into its curriculum.

North Korean prison camps: More action needed

The council should place restrictions on economic aid to Pyongyang from China that would eliminate funding to North Korea’s military


It’s not just a diet

Drunkorexia is brushed off as something ill-informed college students do on the weekends

Screening program needs a brighter idea

The department has a responsibility to ensure each event offers something students can’t get from their dorm beds.

The true significance of the Oscars

Without the Academy Awards, which have been going on for 86 years, the quality of movies would drastically decrease.


Standing up to substance abuse

Students need to stop looking at drugs as “part of the experience” and instead, confront their friends who are endangering themselves with harmful substances.

Better safe than whiney

This shouldn’t be shrugged off as an extreme reaction or fallacious argument

The deceiving colors of India

India’s economic growth has in part modernized the country, but there are still many who stick to their centuries old misogynistic and patriarchal thinking


When there’s smoke there’s fire

Banning smoking on the Common actually worsens the problem of secondhand smoke for nonsmoking citizens

There's nothing funny about sexual assault

Sexual assaults—regardless of their nature—should not be relegated to the punchline of a joke.

Listicles are littering journalism

Quality journalism is accessible to everyone, and doesn't have to be seen as something exclusive.


Syria deserves serious solutions

The world cannot just sit idly by and watch the war in Syria implode the region.

A team without a captain

In the 615 days since Parnell’s departure, though, little has changed.

The privilege of telling your own story

What we experience in our daily lives informs what we create, and to view others through limited perspectives today can only lead to simplistic representations in the future.


The dangers of fandoms

It’s abundantly clear that our addiction to entertainment is costing us more than that of drinking habit.