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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In defense of Emerson’s character

The biggest risk we face isn’t spreading too little awareness, but rather doing so in an out of context way that ends up sullying the name of the school we all care so much about.

With upcoming hire, WERS changes frequency

The station has been an iconic part of Emerson for over half a century. Student hosts are a key part of its identity.


The incredible athletic department you’ve never heard of

Now, more than ever, Emerson needs to sell its prospective students on the athletics program.

The devil is in the details

As a rule of thumb, before launching a media-intensive money drive, double check that the cause it supports is not the result of a bureaucratic mistake

Student complaints prompt dining hall reform

But now, those endless Facebook posts and Instagram shots complaining about moldy cucumbers and undercooked hamburger patties finally—maybe—have been enough to spur the administration to change our meal plans and food provider.

Anxiety, auditions, and admission

I began to see Emerson from a parent’s perspective, and it is that perspective that has made me even more proud to be part of the Emerson community.


Room to improve Emerson's trans understanding

The problem of trans awareness, or lack thereof, is that it’s difficult to realize the mistakes made when this issue only directly affects a small portion of the Emerson community.

Don't let offensive vandalism sour Lemon

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Dear Emerson students, you’re not that busy

Perennial midterm Facebook statuses about Netflix, red wine, and procrastination show that Emerson students aren’t always diligent worker bees buzzing around the library and Student Activities Center.

Succesful gun discourse hindered by ideology

The rheotric surrounding the gun ownership debate since the Newtown shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead, has been marked by ideological schizophrenia.

Activist & service orgs deserve recognition and support

The ORRB uses inconsistent reasoning in granting and denying recognition to student organizations, while some service and activist organizations follow all of ORRB’s recommendations and are still rejected.

Gun control lacks X chromosome

Both the absence of representation among the panelists and the omission of a discussion about how women are affected by gun violence provides a lack of understanding of the issues as a whole.

My big fat Greek fashion show

Imagine what can be accomplished with a grant of over $8,000 to raise funds for a charitable cause. But when more than a third of that funding is sunk into a dessert display, it’s hard to believe that money was spent in a way to best benefit the nonprofit.

We bleed purple and gold, sometimes

Emerson’s basketball players must compete each week with the support of only 61 people, on average, according to the athletic department’s website, leaving the squeak of their soles to echo in a nearly-empty gym.


All quiet on the equality front

And that’s why allowing women to serve in combat roles is such a positive thing; It sets a precedent that says women can do whatever men can.