The Berkeley Beacon

Monday, August 29, 2016

It shouldn’t be acceptable for men to be on their worst behavior

Due to our country’s long history of systematic oppression and a culture of sexism, I think it’s time we talked about changing how men act.

Sweetwater’s closure puts campus needs into perspective

Third places are important: they give people a chance to step outside of the obligations of home and career. Now Emerson students have one fewer option for a third place in an already limited roster.


Would-be cougars receive brunt of sexist blame

“Cougar” attaches a stigma to the kinds of relationships that have been normal for men to practice for years.

Presidential candidates offer distinct visions for student government

It is exciting that there are three presidential candidates and that they all offer significantly different visions of student governance.

SGA constitution reform misses the mark

With an already selective group of people in power, this amendment would strip an already limited system of checks and balances over the SGA constitution.

Necessary nap time can put fears to rest

Sleep deprivation has become something to take pride in.


Frat footage apologists misplace blame

The realization that so many white people think it’s their place to forgive other white people for their wrongs against people of color is totally and frustratingly incomprehensible.

Part-time faculty deserve full-time support

Students have lent their voices to other labor issues at this school, and the case being made by adjunct faculty members is another that warrants attention.


Bus or bust: Boston curriculum faces history’s facts

White Americans must realize that the repercussions of this nation’s slave history are a part of our identity.

Despite pop culture power, ‘bitch’ not yet reclaimed

The word pacifies, stifles, and embarrasses women into positions that take away their voices from the community and strip away success.

Letter to the Editor from Keith Rollinson, regarding WERS

There is more than ample opportunity for Emerson graduates to join ranks with the mainstream in the never-ending quest for ratings domination.

Letter to the Editor from SGA President Emily Solomon

I am deeply concerned by the implication that things like print credits are somehow more worthy of SGA’s time than the multicultural, mental health, and overall institutional problems that affect what seems to be almost every aspect of the college’s administration.

Letter to the Editor from Deans Rob Sabal and Phillip Glenn

As the academic deans, along with the rest of academic administration, we share your concerns and are committed to finding new ways to meet the educational demands of our modern times.

Proposed digital merits no badge of glory

The badge system encourages students to complete requirements for the sake of the reward, not the educational journey that should lead to it.

More likely than not: Title IX adjudication needs moral revamp

We give survivors political tools for punitive revenge but don't give them the resources to heal.