The Berkeley Beacon

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hebdo, not hate speech

Satire and other forms of critique have always been powerful journalistic tools used to bring attention to otherwise sensitive problems or issues.

Do no harm: Depression’s definition leaves much to be desired

The 21st century has brought on the medicalization of sadness—the mindset that sadness is an abnormal attitude that requires professional treatment.

The promised land is still in our dreams

The North wasn’t my “promised land,” but a land of broken promises. I’ve seen more upset black people here at Emerson than ever before.


White allies must find courage to listen more

White allies can, and should, play an important role. But they too often have left many people of color jaded.

Despite second lawsuit, Emerson still on road to reform

Although changes have been implemented, even Emerson administrators recognize there's still room for improvement.

For mentally ill, cliche jokes instead of meaningful aid

The disrespect for the mentally ill stems from a number of societal trends.


Let’s get this straight

By considering your sexual experiences, your identity, and your actions the norm, you isolate and ostracize other sexual orientations.

Semester in review: worthy stories deserve second look

It's true that there's a lot that has happened, and it can be hard to keep up. But we owe it to ourselves to understand the bevy of changes and proposals.

Traffic reform a final frontier for American freedom

The United States should implement the shared space policy slowly and responsibly in non-urban areas similar to the towns in Europe.


Cosby revelations bring new attention to racial accountability

For every minority it falsely argues in favor of, this idea of respectability—whether voiced by Bill Cosby or Bill O’Reilly—conflates overly simplistic solutions with generation, systematic social ailments.

Faulty financials could leave construction project’s future in flux

How can Emerson, which already has well-known funding challenges, foot the bill for such an expensive undertaking?

Letter to the editor from Tori Weston

"I do agree that without true financial commitment Emerson Pathways shows underprivileged students what may not be attainable. However, there is another program that has the potential of making Emerson attainable."

The n-word: Loaded expletive unmasks racial realities

Some well-intentioned but ultimately clueless “advocates” allow for an implied universality that the n-word applies to both the black speaker and white listener equally.


Clickbait: Better to bite the head that ledes you

The only way to stop clickbait is to stop biting it. The media delivers what the consumer wants, and if we demand more actual news from our news sources, they will provide it.

Pre-college program requires intensive commitment for true success

Emerson too must challenge itself to provide for those students who, motivated by a new potential for higher education, most need its help to fulfill their dreams.