The Berkeley Beacon

Friday, November 28, 2014

The stress generation

The fear of instability and the frustration that stems from being told your problems could be cured by just a little more motivation create stress.


Can't we all just not get along?

The practice of debating ideas seems to be a rarity on the corner of Boylston and Tremont.

Student efforts disprove generational stereotypes

This is the time to seize our most grandiose activist ambitions and try to actualize them.

When nice guys are sexist with a smile

Nice guy sexism is the idea that women are sex machines meant to accept kindness as currency


Inequality can’t be whitewashed away

We can’t pat ourselves on the back for fostering diversity in one field while floundering in others.

At SGA speech night, the sounds of silence

The lack of attendance by the candidates is only symptomatic of a larger problem: a culture of apathy set by current members of the student government.


For the lonely, anonymity

With online identity ambiguity comes trepidation, and Emerson Confessional is certainly not exempt.

The Russian Anschluss

A new emphasis ought to be placed on the Strategic Defense Initiative

Before athletics gets Nicol, change is due

It took nearly two years, but Emerson has finally filled the long-vacant athletic director position. The college went 668 days without a permanent department head, after Kristin Parnell resigned in May 2012.


Taking charge of your vagina

The first step is paying attention to the reappropriation of words for the female genitalia.

Let’s rain on their parade

This should be the year Emerson students pledge not to contribute to the alienation

For Venezuelans, violence is still prevalent

Venezuela urgently needs reconciliation.


Our dogs, ourselves

He cared deeply about us, and on a level more sincere than could ever be replicated online.

Emerson reaches new land

This is the latest step in the positive trend of Emerson adding more study abroad programs to its admittedly feeble roster.

Intruder reminds of urban perils

We’re lucky the occurrence that reminded us of this fact was simply a huckster pawning off coupons.