The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Student theater troupe produces meaningful cultural dialogue

The campus and its students should take the initiative to support this troupe's public platform for racial commentary that is far too often neglected.

Pelton’s term reflects prioritization of community needs

Pelton's new generation of administrators has taken a notable turn toward being receptive to student and faculty requests.

Federal student privacy laws need a second look

Between the details of FERPA and Emerson’s medical amnesty policy exists a gray area that raises many questions about the means through which students’ privacy is violated or circumvented.


Legal intoxicants demonstrate necessity of drug reform

United States drug policies are far from comprehensive and have nothing to do with the intoxication caused by the substance itself.

Needy students deserve more from financial aid

Perhaps the most poignant indicator of our inadequate financial aid system are the measures students have taken to afford Emerson.

Dedicate library space to student desires

It is a library, and a small one at that. Instead of a live bear sanctuary or a “habitat” for British actress Tilda Swinton—two actual proposals—let’s add some more bookshelves.

Meme Supreme: Justice Ginsburg’s internet fame

The popularity of “Notorious R.B.G.,” a play on the rapper’s name, is bound by neither media nor medium, which only speaks to the expansiveness of her popularity.


American media infected by sensationalist ebola coverage

In its wall-to-wall coverage of the epidemic, the American media has presented few actual facts, clouding the true nature of the virus and provoking the descent into sensationalism.

Editor's note

The thoughts of the Beacon staff are with Straus’ family and friends during this painful time; we wish to extend our sincere condolences. And in this time of mourning and tribute, the Beacon would like to provide the Emerson community with a space to honor Straus through the written word.

After tragedy, a time to remember and reflect

At Emerson, we surround ourselves with signs of vitality: the vigor of campus activities, the bustle of the Common, the promise of a diploma. But this tragedy throws the fragility of life into sharp relief.

Reductive stereotypes stifle middle aged women

Hillary Clinton is only one example; sitcoms often problematically show elder women as erratic, witless, and dependent.


Game recognizes game: virtual spectator sports on the rise

The sports world is becoming more diverse and inclusive, and esports will one day swim in the mainstream.

Lack of communication lands dining reform in a pickle

With an abundance of miscommunications, it's clearly time for the sides to talk turkey.

Animal House-style parties created by gender stereotypes

There are systematic impediments that prevent women from finding a way to empower themselves in party culture.


Execution procedures need injection of transparency

A standardized national procedure for carrying out a death sentence would be beneficial, but more critical is transparency from execution chambers across the country.