The Berkeley Beacon

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

An Open Letter to President Pelton from a former Washington Post photographer

"Simply put, Mr. Pelton, I am disappointed, dismayed, and wary of Emerson College's decision to become the first school in Boston to have its student government control the fees of the student newspaper."

Letter to the editor from the editor-in-chief of The Suffolk Journal

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Suffolk Journal, I understand well the challenges that come with reporting on a private university and dealing with the sometimes petulant members of the student government.

An open letter to President Pelton from an Emerson alumna

I sincerely hope you will take action in restoring a set, satisfactory budget necessary for the operations of the Beacon—one that cannot be altered by the student governments' weekly meetings.

Letter to the editor from Lauren MacLeod

I am writing as an alumna (WLP, '07) to express my extreme disappointment with the new constitution, particularly in regards to the funding structure for The Berkeley Beacon.

Letter to the Editor from former Beacon editors

It’s with heavy hearts that we learned of the end of student press freedom at our alma mater, following the approval of a new constitution that will essentially allow student leaders to silence critics in student media, and in particular, this newspaper.

Editorial: SGA amendment a blight on Emerson's core values

Last night, editors of this newspaper listened to WECB in anticipation of SGA election results that would ultimately relegate the Beacon to a subject of government control.

Toeing the line between Oscar Wilde and getting wild

College is about moderation; for as many once-in-a-lifetime memories can be made within grungy music venues and apartments at the farthest reaches of the Green Line as within the Walker and Ansin buildings.

For curious students, too many institutional road blocks

Our desires to broaden our horizons should be met with enthusiasm, not with students considering completely changing their majors because they feel trapped.

Letter to the Editor from Tau Zaman

"Now that elections have passed and the student body has spoken on the constitutional amendment, I would invite the Beacon to continue fostering the healthy yet constructive relationship with SGA that I suggested in my past letter."

Letter to the Editor from Chris Girard

"You know what the worth of journalism is, Emersonians? Certainly more than eight percent of a democracy, more than 8 percent of anything."

Letter to the Editor from Paul Almeida

"Recently is has been circulating that I misinformed voters regarding my credentials as president of my high school class. It pains me to admit this is true. I was eager and ready to take on the mantel of class of 2015 president, and to do some good for my classmates in the semester to come."

Letter to the Editor from Rosalind Fraser

The Beacon debate began when the Beacon itself endorsed a somewhat polarizing candidate in a heated, controversial election. Some SGA members who felt the Beacon was too involved in campaigns wanted a way to control it.

Letter to the Editor from Adriana Guida

We are proposing this change to the student body not to remove any funding from the Beacon and not as to threaten their journalistic obligation to cover the SGA in whatever manner they deem appropriate, but because they are the only organization that receives this automatic allocation.

Letter to the Editor from Scott Douglas Fisher

This week, you will be asked to approve or reject more than 75 changes to the Student Government Association constitution by casting a single vote. As a former three-term SGA President, I am highly disappointed by the amendments proposed by the current administration and urge you to vote no.

Vote “no” on the proposed constitutional amendments

While we disagree with eliminating our guaranteed funding because it will put us in an ethically challenging position as journalists -- inviting us to treat unfavorable coverage as biting the hand that feeds -- there are other issues in the proposed constitution that concern us.