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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Letter to the Editor from Paul Almeida

"Recently is has been circulating that I misinformed voters regarding my credentials as president of my high school class. It pains me to admit this is true. I was eager and ready to take on the mantel of class of 2015 president, and to do some good for my classmates in the semester to come."

Letter to the Editor from Rosalind Fraser

The Beacon debate began when the Beacon itself endorsed a somewhat polarizing candidate in a heated, controversial election. Some SGA members who felt the Beacon was too involved in campaigns wanted a way to control it.

Letter to the Editor from Adriana Guida

We are proposing this change to the student body not to remove any funding from the Beacon and not as to threaten their journalistic obligation to cover the SGA in whatever manner they deem appropriate, but because they are the only organization that receives this automatic allocation.

Letter to the Editor from Scott Douglas Fisher

This week, you will be asked to approve or reject more than 75 changes to the Student Government Association constitution by casting a single vote. As a former three-term SGA President, I am highly disappointed by the amendments proposed by the current administration and urge you to vote no.

Vote “no” on the proposed constitutional amendments

While we disagree with eliminating our guaranteed funding because it will put us in an ethically challenging position as journalists -- inviting us to treat unfavorable coverage as biting the hand that feeds -- there are other issues in the proposed constitution that concern us.

The Beacon endorses Ben Halls for Class of 2015 President

Editorial: Ben Halls offers the strongest qualifications for the position of Class of 2015 President.

For abroad opportunities, students should look outside the Castle

There is a glaring omission in Emerson’s institutional repertoire: international study and civic engagement opportunities for students.

Proposed constitution change a conflict of interest

To maintain an independent check on the SGA, vote “no” on the new constitution.

Penn State scandal casts light on cultures of entitlement

While participants in major collegiate athletic programs are heroized for their capacity to bring glory to their institutions, it is becoming impossible to ignore the growing culture of exemption that certain administrations promote.

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