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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kony 2012: rebels without a pause

KONY 2012 went right for that Achilles heel. It told us, perhaps rightly so, that we are living in an incredibly important time.

Editorial: SGA won't show us the money, again

In total, $69,250.62 of the student activities fee—that we pay in tuition—is unaccounted for in the SGA public record.

Letter of tuition suggestions from the SGA

We fully recognize and respect that tuition increases are a necessary method of sustaining the College’s yearly operations. Bearing that in mind, what follow are the conclusions we came to regarding the student body’s experience with yearly tuitions. Please consider our 10 findings and suggestions.

Trustees should seriously consider SGA’s recommendations

This week, our elected student leaders lobbied Emerson’s Board of Trustees with a list of 10 considerations to make while determining next year’s tuition increase.

On social media, express yourself — don’t confess yourself

The temptation to treat social media profiles as clickable extensions of our diaries is great. I’ll readily admit I’ve tweeted my share of wanton keyboard mashes complete with woe-is-me hashtags — things that are a waste of my followers’ time.


Photo Essay : LA Confidential

Hollywood is certainly no facsimile of Boston. It’s like an inaccurate automated translation from English to another language back to English: understandably similar but of an unmistakably different tenor.

Confronting the moment every urban student fears

I didn’t choose to get attacked, but I chose to live in one of the best cities in the world. Part of owning that choice is realizing that the advantages of our urban campus are worth the risks.

SGA should make recognition rationale public

With steadily rising tuition costs, Emerson students know firsthand that money doesn’t grow on trees. Each semester, crestfallen organizations are denied funding from the Student Government Association because there simply isn’t enough cash in the pot for everyone. SGA recognition is something that needs to be earned; to receive a slice of the student activities fee, an organization ought to prove itself.

Political tolerance at Emerson leaves much to be desired

Bipartisanship is a beautiful thing. Here at Emerson, this collaboration of parties was showcased on a micro level when Emerson Democrats and Republicans teamed up to promote voter registration this past week. I am a Republican who is socially liberal, but since arriving at Emerson, I haven’t advertised the Republican aspect.

Community garden would ensure rosy sustainability

The park is a public place for a reason — the people of Boston’s greater urban landscape need it, and it is for all of us to share. Emerson is an institution with its own community, which deserves to raise its own garden. If there were even a small plot of soil where students like me could grow just one flower, that land would mean more to us than the Common.

Why “soft” power packs the real punch

Instead of creating more enemies and making this problem about ideologies it is nice to see the United States taking a strong diplomatic role that has a better chance of being backed by the world.


GOP using questionable tactics to detract Dem voters

These laws undoubtedly impede upon our rights as Americans. The right to vote is a part of freedom, of democracy — the key to America.

Em Dems convention appeal a missed opportunity

The generosity of hosting public forums—from events like last spring’s gubernatorial debate to the education town hall last week—speaks volumes to Emerson’s prominence in the community. Inviting others to share in our campus conversations is an integral part of Emerson’s dedication to open, constructive communication—and a hallmark of networking.

Editorial: Civic engagement efforts polish Emerson’s reputation

As the semester unfolds, we hope to see the college continue making impressive endeavors toward engagement.

Stressed and sullen, students need to lighten up

Ask any Emerson student how they’re doing today, and chances are you’ll be able to predict his or her answer. Some are tired, others are so stressed they haven’t eaten yet, and still others can’t help but remind you that they still have so much to do.