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Monday, October 23, 2017

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Food orthodoxy: a tragic story

Food is a uniter, a way to share experiences, offer companionship, and express gratitude.

Social versus fiscal priorities

Many young people worry about their own student debt, but do not express concern over the ever-growing federal deficit.

Japan program takes first step in global intiative

Pelton has made diversity a key intiative, and this course is a model of teaching history from a diverse perspective.

Pseudo-politics for the teenage soul

It’s unfortunate that the best examples of youthful democratic engagement and civil responsibility no longer come to fuition in a voting booth or on the senate floor.

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Tuition Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

The desire to find ways to make our institution more affordable should be within our schools aims.

Letter to the editor from Dr. Marsha Della Guistina

I would like to thank Lauren Cortizo and Kappa Gamma Chi for their unending fight against domestic violence.

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Marriage and government need a divorce

The real problem is why our government is defining marriage, heterosexual or homosexual, to begin with.

More laws don’t mean less crime

The incident in Connecticut was devastating, of course, but stricter gun laws are not the magic solution to preventing future tragedies.

Letter to the editor from Willie Burnley

A student has brought the recent op-ed “In Defense of Emerson’s Character” to my attention.

Almeida offers clear vision for the future

After two years with the same SGA president, and few implemented initiatives, our student government needs someone with a clear direction.

Letter from the Editor

We at the Beacon are excited to share this week’s print issue with you, the first with a new order of sections and a brand new back page concept.

A theatre by any other name would smell as sweet

Instead of seeing the Emerson Theatre as a nuisance, we should realize it's actually an incredible opportunity.

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With great power comes great responsibility

As the future of media rests tentatively in limbo, innovative ways of relaying important information, news, and opinions become more important.

In defense of Emerson’s character

The biggest risk we face isn’t spreading too little awareness, but rather doing so in an out of context way that ends up sullying the name of the school we all care so much about.

With upcoming hire, WERS changes frequency

The station has been an iconic part of Emerson for over half a century. Student hosts are a key part of its identity.