The Berkeley Beacon

Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Further Defense of Big Bird and PBS

The marketplace does many things well, but television is a unique industry. It has been continuously demonstrated, for example, that mass media shapes our perceptions and behaviors.

The debate over debates

If anyone seeking such a high power position could address a resolution to the economic crisis or the unrest in the Middle East in 90 seconds, we are all in trouble. Debates, however, do give the candidates a chance to articulate to a global audience a summary of their short and long term agenda for the next four years.


Endorsing Mitt Romney

In a state that historically votes deep blue, and where a recent Suffolk University poll shows President Obama with a 32-point lead over Mitt Romney, it almost seems pointless for me to tell voters registered in Mass. why they should vote for Governor Romney on Nov. 6.


Endorsing Barack Obama

This year, it seems that the pundits are talking about issues that hit a little too closely to home; they’re finally talking about us, as young voters.

Election fatigue sets in during home stretch

As the finish line approaches, we must remember that the race to better our world continues beyond this election.

Don’t waste your undergratuate years on campus

For as poetic as we wax about our surroundings, each barely-dressed clubgoer who trips out of Estate in the early hours of Friday mornings calls into question whether the emperor is really wearing clothes.


Rejection is a bummer, but try, try again

You can’t be accepted until you’ve been rejected. It’s that simple. Sure, there are some rare cases where the first piece out is a winner, but I guarantee you, rejections will follow.

WLP majors deserve more credits

Costs that seem petty take their toll on the wallets of working students who, as Zaman said, sometimes consider the length of their work against the cost of printing.

Our generation must affirm affirmative action

Although America may no longer be at the starting line of the race, we are certainly not at the finish, and that is something we must not ignore.


Female debate moderators taking the stage

For just a second, a little girl saw Crowley tell the President of the United States to wait his turn and perhaps thought that she could be anything she wanted.

Stopping the buck on Securitas’ shortcomings

Until recent developments, it appeared that last week’s Little Building intruder incident might have been a fluke.

An American identity forged beyond percentages

We’re oddly reluctant to identify ourselves as American, and perhaps it’s because we don’t quite know what it means.


"Awareness months" need a reality check

While there is nothing wrong with dedicating a four weeks to advocating for causes, the efforts are spent manufacturing a tidal wave of pink rather than promoting information that could help save lives.

Little Building intruder a reminder of urban perils

In the moment it takes to waltz past security, the safety of students can be irreversibly jeopardized.

Busy students can’t skip connection

We are humans and, as such, need hugs. Yes, hugs. And good conversations, romance, and knowing glances shared with close friends across a room.