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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Student FOMO leads to living beyond means

Students in Boston pay a higher price, literally, when they give into that fear and put off responsibilities to participate in fun activities with their friends.

Counseling center needs clearer communications

But there seems to be a more fundamental issue in play: a critical mismatch in the ways students and staff understand the counseling center's role.

The revolution is never televised

Roots, the ABC miniseries based on the Alex Haley novel of the same name, is nearly 40 years old; a well-produced narrative of the American slave experience is long overdue.

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So you want to be an activist...

When we treat worthy causes solely as the product of hip campaigns, we run the risk of overlooking the qualities that social movements so often need.

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Watch the iThrone

Apple’s goal is not to have the biggest market share, but the biggest mindshare—to become a company whose products not everyone owns, but everyone wants.

Ready, set, go

With all due respect to Mr. Mutchnick, the return of this library space to library use remedies more than just an inconvenience.

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One bad iPhone ruins the bunch

Apple has always been run like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory: a secluded genius locks the doors to his workshop and churns out products while going to great lengths to protect his secrets, as seen in Apple Inc. vs. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Letter to the editor from Dylan Manderlink

"Although there were other factors that played into my change in employment, while working with Sarah, I felt incredibly unsupported and mistreated as an employee."

Think outside your major

The balance of liberal arts-dictated general education classes promote a more versatile Emerson student.

Title IX complaint is in Emerson’s best interest

This case is not about the young woman who filed it, and it is not about rape. This is about making sure future studens never have to deal with the institutional barriers that the multiple students filing the case met when trying to find justice

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Emerson students addicted to thrill of busyness

The possibility that there are consequences to joining six clubs, retaining a job, doing school work, and building a social life doesn’t appear to cross the mind of ambitious Emerson students.

Complaints demand transparency

College students have plenty to worry about, but their safety and well-being should be a given.

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Tinder is only the tip of our vanity iceberg

Tinder isn’t about finding a casual hookup or love — it’s about feeling validated.

Undeclared majors only one group in land of the lost

There are two types of lost people: those who have no idea, and those who have too many ideas — neither of whom know where their futures start.

Black your lungs, not the block

It's incumbent on Emerson—not the smokers—to enforce the college's policies.