The Berkeley Beacon

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New LA campus calls for community immersion

It will take a conscious effort for those on the campus to break outside their comfort zone and explore the less polished areas of Hollywood.

Breaking bad social norms

Listening to a political opinion completely different from your own can only widen perspective

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God save the feminist queen

Queen B is not an academic, she is an entertainer.

On that midnight train to Allston

Many an event has been dampened when its invitees realize there wouldn't be enough time before they would need to leave and catch the last T

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Yeezus Christ superstar

In the constant disconnect between culture and West’s persona, the fault is the narrow definitions of success, genius, and artistry that govern public perception and media coverage.

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Fictitious Dark Genius Fantasy

When we treat brilliance solely as the product of shocking but truthful oratory (often accompanied by catchy beats), we run the risk of overlooking the essential traits necessary in a mastermind.

Is it really kind of a big deal?

If you doubted that the Emerson Mafia exists, this should just about prove it to you.

Whatever lets Walmart sleep at night

Despite the apparent need for reform, Walmart’s business model remains static.

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First world problem’s third world dilemma

Dismissing a friend’s complaint as a “first world problem” doesn’t just represent a failure of logic, it also represents a failure of social justice. Underneath this sorry attempt at getting a laugh lies a twinge of self-righeousness.

Making headway in concussion protocol

The NCAA should protect the one thing the student athletes who will not turn professional will need in their post-college days: their brains.

An education deferred

The U.S. has little to lose and everything to gain by encouraging equal education access.

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A tale of more than two cities

I’d humbly remind students that there’s more to life than cramped Williamsburg apartments and fetching coffee for Mario Lopez.

Emerson shows support for trans community

Supporting the trans community is clearly in line with Emerson's mission of being welcome to a diverse student body.

Letter to the editor from Elise Harrison

<p>Dear Editor,</p> <p>Counseling and Psychologic

To reform education, no quick fix exists

Just as privilege breeds privilege, disadvantage breeds disadvantage.