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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Think outside your major

The balance of liberal arts-dictated general education classes promote a more versatile Emerson student.

Title IX complaint is in Emerson’s best interest

This case is not about the young woman who filed it, and it is not about rape. This is about making sure future studens never have to deal with the institutional barriers that the multiple students filing the case met when trying to find justice

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Emerson students addicted to thrill of busyness

The possibility that there are consequences to joining six clubs, retaining a job, doing school work, and building a social life doesn’t appear to cross the mind of ambitious Emerson students.

Complaints demand transparency

College students have plenty to worry about, but their safety and well-being should be a given.

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Tinder is only the tip of our vanity iceberg

Tinder isn’t about finding a casual hookup or love — it’s about feeling validated.

Undeclared majors only one group in land of the lost

There are two types of lost people: those who have no idea, and those who have too many ideas — neither of whom know where their futures start.

Black your lungs, not the block

It's incumbent on Emerson—not the smokers—to enforce the college's policies.

Wary of a nuclear Iran

We must continue to press, perhaps even intensify, economic sanctions against Tehran until there is clear evidence that they have abandoned all WMD ambitions.

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In defense of entertainment journalism

Entertainment news should be more respected and integrated into the Emerson curriculum for the students who are interested.

Civic engagement, on-campus and off

Students have long extended their reach beyond Emerson's classroom, but to see our administration reflect their efforts reinforces those values on a new level.

Privileges for the privileged

Unpaid internships are opportunities for the privileged and unfortunately, paid internships are not easily found.

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The feminism absent in FEMEN

Not only are Victor Svyastki and Bryan Goldberg using a community they share no values with, but they are also indulging in their male savior ideologies.

Path unclear for WERS' future

A professional presence in the studio stirs up the dynamic of a self-directed learning environment.

Twerk Miley, Miley, twerk

Cyrus' "progressiveness" (if you can call it that) only happens at the expense of the hyper-sexualization and/or objectification of other women, usually of color.

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Elephant in the classroom

How do you have “the talk” while making new friends: “Hey, I like you, but I voted for Romney — does that change your opinion of me?”