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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Emerson ought to smoke out the competition

Emerson should be an institutional leader, accepting the medical marijuana cards of its students, not rejecting social progress.

Props for profs fly under students’ radar

Too often, students miss out on important chances to build relationships with Emerson's bevy of notable professors with significant accomplishments.

Social media presents emotional outlet for users

The fact that social media is used as an emotional outlet does not say that our communication skills are deteriorating but rather says that they are evolving to become more inclusive.

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Emerson bites off less than it can chew

Emerson’s dining hall options expose the college’s fundamental misunderstanding of the food needs of its students.

Failed logo reveals lack of opportunity

Emerson students are here to learn by doing. Being sidelined on important opportunities doesn't allow students to accomplish that goal.

Excessive police weapons do not give license to kill

Why is America the only developed nation in which police officers routinely overuse lethal force?

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Vogue finds a booty it can get behind

This isn’t the beginning of a big booty “movement” so much as it is the middle of a big booty “moment”—one in which our recognition that an array of female forms and figures exist has become a marketable, acceptable conception.

WERS’ potential W-E-R-Mess

It appears WERS is becoming more of a business at the expense of benefiting students as greatly as it could.

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Branding for date rape drug detector needs polishing

What does exist is a nail polish that changes colors when it comes into contact with date rape drugs—which is the product these North Carolina students have created.

Leaked photos deserve a nix, not clicks

In the rush to point fingers, the real wrongdoers haven’t gotten the same press attention as the highly visible celebrity victims.

New year, new initiatives

We have the opportunity to change how we, as a community, react to this school year’s new proposals.

Whose tolerance is it anyway

We should examine all perspectives, especially our own, and remove bias and hate from our community.

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Ice ice maybe: Throwing cold water on viral challenge

The money donated to the ALS Association as a result of the challenge is a good thing, but is indicative of a culture of ignorance and simplicity.

Serious initiatives don't go on vacation

Every time the summer months roll around, students separate themselves from the initiatives they were once actively engaged in.

The privilege pill

It’s easy to understand the temptation of a pill that can help you focus and complete your work more quickly, but this quick-and-easy remedy hurts users.