The Berkeley Beacon

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Pretending to be broke isn't cute

In college, being broke is strangely glamorized.

Saturdays are not a snow day solution

At issue: Saturday makeup classes Our take: It's the freakin' weekend.

Broadening horizons in unexpected ways

I went into my gap year in Paris with preconceived notions of how much I would learn about the language and culture of France. But at the end of my experience, I realized that immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture teaches more than that. I learned how to wonder about the way the world looks to those not standing in my shoes.


Self-care is more than a trend

I stumbled across yet another self-care comic while scrolling through Tumblr the other day. Titled “50 Ways to Take a Break,” it features illustrations of candles, bubble baths, tea, and nature. Underneath was the user’s caption: “Practice self-care!!!” It was nothing new, but after seeing this phrase recycled hundreds of times over my Facebook and Tumblr feeds, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Lack of preparation causes pandemonium

At issue: Chaos caused by Pats parade Our take: The school should not have been open during the parade

Obama's Legacy: The fallacy of the perfect presidency

The year is 2013. Edward Snowden has leaked information detailing the massive metadata spying operation carried out by the National Surveillance Agency under President Barack Obama.


Recognizing the consequences of loving the game

I was raised on red, white, and navy blue—on game day nachos, screaming at the TV, and a godlike vision of Tom Brady. When it comes to the rules of the game of football, I can’t tell you much. I know the touchdown, the interception, the two-point conversion. But that’s not even the point of it to me.

Let's create a sanctuary that counts

Last November, the Beacon published an article entitled “Emerson declared a sanctuary campus.” We watched as the article was passed around on social media, becoming one of the most shared articles of the semester. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

Speaking out against abortion's stigma

I slumped to the floor with my back pressed against the tiled wall in the bathroom of a cafe in Concord, Massachusetts where I attended a pretentious boarding high school. I overheard latte orders being shouted at bustling employees by shrill white women in Lululemon yoga attire as I held my head with one hand and outstretched the other, dangling the recently peed upon pregnancy test for my best friend Noa to read.


Commodification of tragedy

I am standing in the gift shop of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, head slightly cocked, puzzling over the cover of a book. It is The Diary of a Young Girl, the revered diary of Anne herself. A small seal in the corner reads: “Now available as an app!” Contemptuously, I wonder: what could this app contain?

Bridging borders across majors

Emerson has been hailed as a trade school for media makers. With such a specific focus, it’s a wonder that we have so much division between programs.

Class divides create disconnect

However, entering Emerson, I often feel obstructed by my lower-class upbringing.


Free to be feminine: Escaping expectations

But even though many people embrace equality, gender expectations still remain. Part of feminism is the aspect of free will to express oneself as they choose.

Do we need a train stop to validate our existence?

Our college is in the center of a city with a rich and vibrant history, and ignoring that is not only entitled, but selfish.

The Symbiotic Pursuit of Social Justice

The purpose of allyship is not about being a good individual person in a corrupt society, but about actually helping dismantle the institutions that enable this corruption.