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Monday, October 23, 2017

Nicki Minaj shows feminists what’s good

But when a woman with the agency to use her sexuality and profit from it actually does so, she crosses some delusional boundary of morality.

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Girl bands raise the volume on women’s stories

Girl bands naturally facilitate conversations about what it means to be a woman.

Colonial’s closure an unavoidable growing pain

It deserves a second life that serves students who can benefit from its remodeling many more months out of the year.

Family doesn’t fit into a neat box

Our country still needs to catch up with its own people.

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Donald Trump’s unlikely likeability

It is easy to write off Trump as a narcissist...but it is harder to write off his poll numbers.

Emerson faculty deserve improved parental leave

It's a manifestation of socially constructed ideas of masculinity and sexism, and it perpetuates destructive gender norms.

Letter to the editor from Emerson P.R.I.D.E

We believe that as students we have use our power as consumers for the benefit of workers.

Lady business: Female friendship deserves mainstream focus

It’s a shame that it’s so hard to just turn on TV or open a magazine and see women appreciating one another.

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Columbus Day’s ship has sailed

He was ruthless, and had no problem taking down whoever stood in his way.

The journalism program is #1 in name only

It's incumbent for us to address our program's shortcomings because the journalism industry is becoming a more competitive market.

A call for a student union to curb tuition

Let it be clear that we do not want the crumbs of change—we want the sweet cake of justice.

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Using the purchasing power of your dollar

We, as consumers, are not considering where our clothing is coming from.

It’s time to include all of the Lions in Emerson’s pride

From the sidelines and in the stands, students and local residents have the opportunity to become connected.

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Comedy major brings laughs and artistic opportunity

I believe that comedic ability is like a muscle—with the right amount of the right kind of exercise, anyone can hone their skills.

True humor earned, not learned

As cliché as it sounds, everyone is funny in their own way, and we shouldn’t need a degree to justify that fact.