Letter to the editor from Tori Weston

by Beacon Staff • November 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

I just read the editorial about the Emerson Pathways program. I do agree that without true financial commitment Emerson Pathways shows underprivileged students what may not be attainable. However, there is another program that has the potential of making Emerson attainable. As an alum and Educational Planner, I created the Arts & Communication Pre-College Program to address this very issue and to have a program that did not segregate low income students from other potential Emerson students. My vision for the program is to have students study their passion at the college level and leave the program with a portfolio that can use for their college application. Many low income students who may want to apply to college for theater and film may not have access to training for auditions or film equipment. My intention for the program was to fill that gap and also address the issue of low income students feeling comfortable in an environment with students from upper class backgrounds.

Due to the lack of financial aid for the Arts & Communication Pre-College Program I turn away many talented low income students who are looking for a program to truly give them a sense of what it will be like to study on the college level. I feel that if Emerson is truly committed to increasing the population of underserved students to apply, get accepted and attend Emerson a true financial investment in all of the College’s pre-college programs is imperative!


Tori Weston

Educational Planner

Department of Professional Studies and Special Programs