Letter to the editor from Interim Marketing Communication Chair Donald Hurwitz

by Editorial Board / Beacon Staff • May 15, 2012

To the Editor:

In the course of three stories about the Department of Marketing Communication this last academic year, Beacon reporters never managed to capture and convey the critical context behind the challenges faced by Minors during registration.

The simple facts are these:  Marketing Communication is a hot field, and the department is adapting its curriculum to address a broadening array of new opportunities.  Emerson students know this, and more of them than ever before are choosing the field.

At last count, there were upwards of 700 majors and graduate students.  Serving them must be the Department's first priority.  We are also trying, hard, to serve what are now upwards of 350 minors across Business, E3 and Marketing Communication, but we are especially constrained by shortages of space and faculty.

None of us are happy about this, but we will continue to work with Academic Affairs and the central administration to grow our faculty and address the resource situation to better align with student demand.  While it is not a satisfying answer, the best advice we can offer in the meantime is this:  persistence, careful attention during the add/drop period, and smart use of co- and extra-curricular investments have paid off for many previous minors—sometimes getting them into courses, sometimes landing great internships, growing marketing-smart by their involvement with EmComm, PRSSA, the AMA,  etc.  The department is always glad to help out as best we can, within our means.

Donald Hurwitz, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Department of Marketing Communication