Letter to the editor from Tau Zaman

by Tau Zaman • March 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

I’d like to congratulate the Beacon on dramatically improving the quality of its reporting over the past few years. Overall, I’ve found that your contributors are earnest and professional. This is why I’m disappointed that I don’t see the same qualities in the Beacon’s leadership, particularly its editorial board.  

It knew full well that as a result of parliamentary limitations, SGA is physically unable to approve its minutes until the following meeting. Yet, the board chose anyway to twist a tired knife into a loophole of technicality, instead suggesting that SGA lost track of roughly $69,000. 

Concerned students may contact any SGA executive or the Associate Dean of Students if they wish to know where their activities fee goes. In any case, the money is not missing.

This response isn’t a reaction to your last issue’s attacks against me personally; I’ll happily suffer the scrutiny of the press for my constituents. It’s a response to a trend that must stop. Please—not for my sake, but for the student body—think before you print. They deserve a school newspaper that doesn’t offhandedly point out students’ British accents, put-down peers by calling them tacky, or, most disheartening of all: falsely accuse fellow students of being rape victims.

Don’t compromise the truth to relish in snide editorializing. It’s unbecoming of a school newspaper that I want to be proud of—a paper that should epitomize the communicative talent at Emerson College.


Tau Zaman

SGA Executive President