The Berkeley Beacon

Monday, November 24, 2014

Faulty financials could leave construction project’s future in flux

How can Emerson, which already has well-known funding challenges, foot the bill for such an expensive undertaking?

Letter to the editor from Tori Weston

"I do agree that without true financial commitment Emerson Pathways shows underprivileged students what may not be attainable. However, there is another program that has the potential of making Emerson attainable."

The n-word: Loaded expletive unmasks racial realities

Some well-intentioned but ultimately clueless “advocates” allow for an implied universality that the n-word applies to both the black speaker and white listener equally.


Clickbait: Better to bite the head that ledes you

The only way to stop clickbait is to stop biting it. The media delivers what the consumer wants, and if we demand more actual news from our news sources, they will provide it.

Pre-college program requires intensive commitment for true success

Emerson too must challenge itself to provide for those students who, motivated by a new potential for higher education, most need its help to fulfill their dreams.


For climate change, judicial action might be key

This blatant disregard for science and reason has become the Republican party’s standard environment policy.

Lack of courtesy misuse of Emerson student efforts

We are storytellers and artists, and this lack of consideration for each other takes away from the arts and sciences we’ve come here to perfect.


Más que sólo palabras: appreciating linguistic diversity

Taking into account the cultural variety present today in the United States, it is absurd to insist on the use of one language when the thoughts of those in our community wander through multiple ones.

Culturally inclusive feminism exists outside of the mainstream

It’s not necessary to advocate for a feminism that singularly speaks to and addresses prejudices against women of color—only a feminism that acknowledges the diversity of the female experience and works to improve conditions for all women.

Student theater troupe produces meaningful cultural dialogue

The campus and its students should take the initiative to support this troupe's public platform for racial commentary that is far too often neglected.

Pelton’s term reflects prioritization of community needs

Pelton's new generation of administrators has taken a notable turn toward being receptive to student and faculty requests.

Federal student privacy laws need a second look

Between the details of FERPA and Emerson’s medical amnesty policy exists a gray area that raises many questions about the means through which students’ privacy is violated or circumvented.


Legal intoxicants demonstrate necessity of drug reform

United States drug policies are far from comprehensive and have nothing to do with the intoxication caused by the substance itself.

Needy students deserve more from financial aid

Perhaps the most poignant indicator of our inadequate financial aid system are the measures students have taken to afford Emerson.

Dedicate library space to student desires

It is a library, and a small one at that. Instead of a live bear sanctuary or a “habitat” for British actress Tilda Swinton—two actual proposals—let’s add some more bookshelves.