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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Teach-in talks race

Continuing its efforts to become more culturally competent, Emerson hosted a day-long conversation about race on Friday in the Cutler Majestic Theater.

Teach-in to touch on racial issues

In an effort to spur conversation about race-related issues at Emerson, the college is convening a teach-in at various locations across campus.

Automatic insurance charge comes as surprise

If you didn’t check your ECmail this summer, you may have missed a few emails that could’ve saved you $130.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Second stabbing prompts increased security

For the second time in just a few weeks, a stabbing has occurred near campus.


Masked men scare students

At least two people wearing costume masks were sighted on Boylston Street on Wednesday night.


Little Building residents evacuated following alarm

“It basically just smelled like a microwave had blown up,” said Shelby Renjifo, a sophomore visual and media arts major was on the floor.


Immigration advocacy hits the pavement

“I think it’s a very beautiful time because my story is about immigration and education,” Ernesto Osorio said on the phone, from a coffee shop in Denver. “I think in this moment, all problems with immigration is a big connection with education.”


Emerson pre-college program points in write direction

“I had a group of friends who I could always show my poetry to, and they would always be cool listening to me, like an audience at home,” he said.

Week highlights issues of sexual violence

Four Emerson sophomores are renewing their efforts this year to take a stand against rape and sexual assault by continuing to build their community action group.

SGA talks student concerns, fitness center

The Student Government Association compiled a list of student life concerns—including student meeting space availability, student working hours, on-campus safety, and study abroad programs—on Tuesday to present to the Board of Trustees.


No housing lottery for 2017 upperclassmen

Juniors and seniors will not be offered on-campus housing next fall.


Alumnus talks political organizing at VP debate

Fleury, who graduated in 2009, began his fundraising career in fall 2007 when he was a junior political communications major.


Bard prof speaks on angling LGBTQ+ conversations

Though Emerson prides itself as a leader on LGBTQ+ matters, some students learned on Thursday that national conversation on the subject may be hindering our progress.