The Berkeley Beacon

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Director of Public Safety fired from college

After seven years with the Emerson College Police Department, George Noonan was fired from his position as Director of Public Safety this morning.

CPLA will make trip to Iceland in spring

Emerson’s Communication, Politics, and Law Association has received approval to plan their trip to Iceland for next semester after waiting over a month.

WebCT to be upgraded by 2013

The long outdated WebCT Learning Management System (LMS) will soon be replaced as college administrators search for a more advanced platform.


London Program terminated, students disappointed

The London program’s cancelation has caused confusion and anger among WLP students, who feel that they are being ostracized from Emerson’s study-abroad opportunities.


Administration to propose curriculum changes

Over the past three decades, general educational requirements have drastically changed at Emerson College, causing debate among alumni, educators and students.

Amendment passes

Over 700 students voted this week to approve the amended Student Government Association Constitution—which alters approximately 40 percent of the text in the document—resulting in the removal of the 20-year old clause guaranteeing funding to the student newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon.


Results are in, class of 2015 still without president

The class of 2015 remains without a president and treasurer after elections results were announced last night.


Class of 2015 presidential candidate 'lies' about past experience during campaign

Paul Almeida, one of three candidates for class of 2015 president, falsely stated throughout his campaign that he served as his high school’s class president, a Beacon investigation revealed.


Polls open; 11 positions and constitutional amendment up for vote

When polls open tonight at midnight, students will vote to fill 11 Student Government Association positions and choose whether to ratify proposed changes to the constitution that alter roughly 40 percent of the text.

Proposed Changes to the SGA Constitution

View SGA's proposed changes side-by-side with the old constitution.


Three vie for class of 2015 presidential post

In a roughly 45-minute long debate, three Class of 2015 presidential hopefuls sparred over how to engage the freshman class and improve dining options and security on campus.

Protestors march day before court date

Occupy Boston’s encampment at Dewey Square, which celebrated its second month of existence Wednesday, may be evicted Thursday night, pending a judge’s decision.

Beacon funds left to student vote

Next week, students will vote on the newly revised Student Government Association constitution, which will eliminate guaranteed funding for The Berkeley Beacon.


Tweets express ECWireless issues

The college’s wireless Internet continues to draw the ire of students, who let loose a barrage of tweets, Facebook posts and verbal frustration nearly every time the system fails.

em Magazine granted $4,940

The Student Government Association voted unanimously to grant em Magazine $4,945.94—a number considerably lower than the publication’s Nov. 2010 appeal of $10,000.