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Monday, October 5, 2015

Campus Crime Log, 3/26

A staff member reported camera equipment was stolen in the Paramount Center. An investigation showed the equipment was misplaced and not actually stolen.

Polling Society gauges public opinion on Clinton, athletics, Tsarnaev

Possible Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would soundly defeat Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren in a Democratic presidential primary held in the state, according to part of a recent Emerson College Polling Society poll conducted to gauge local opinion on political, athletic, and social issues.

SGA election outcome to be announced Friday

James Rowland, election chair of the Student Government Association, said he plans to announce the results of the SGA elections in several stages, starting on Friday, March 27.


Food service workers negotiate for first union contract

Emerson food service workers, as part of a union established last year, are bargaining for their first union contract.


“Real Food Challenge” calls for better dining hall options

On March 25, a group of students and professors hosted a kickoff event for the Real Food Challenge in the Bill Bordy Theater, a national program that aims to integrate healthier food into college menus.


With latest tuition increase, college continues decadeslong trend

For current students, tuition for the 2015-16 school year has been set at $38,304, marking a 4.5 percent, or $1,654, increase.


SGA candidates debate goals for upcoming year during press night

The Student Government Association held its press night last week for the upcoming election, where current SGA President Emily Solomon debated Alan Vilimaitis for the position of SGA president. The election began today at midnight and is open for 24 hours.

Campus Crime Log, 3/19

ECPD and BFD responded to the Paramount Building loading dock for a fire alarm which was caused by a broken sprinkler pipe. Facilities management was notified for repairs.

ECPD establishes new self-defense class designed for men

In addition to a women’s self-defense class that has been running since 2011, Emerson College Police Department now plans to hold a class for men on April 6 – 8.

Emerson denies allegations, liability in second lawsuit

Emerson College and six administrators deny many allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed by a former student and say they are not legally liable for what the plaintiff considers a mishandling of her rape case, according to court documents.

Alum donates $2.5 million to LA program

Emerson alumnus Bill Bordy recently donated $2.5 million to Emerson Los Angeles, the largest donation in the college’s history.

LB elevators break, students wait

Three elevators in the Little Building broke down on March 1, according to an email sent to Little Building residents from Erik Muurisepp, associate dean and director of Housing and Residence Life.

Campus Crime Log, 3/5

ECPD and facilities management investigated a report of a burning smell in the Paramount Center. ECPD and facilities management were able to smell a faint odor of something that may have burnt or melted inside an elevator, and thought the smell may have come from the elevator’s circuit board. The elevator was monitored for some time but the odor never returned.

Twice as many online summer classes to be offered for students

The classes are all four credits each, and they have all have been taught in person at Emerson at some point in the past.