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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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WLP course to publish in Globe Magazine

Twelve students’ bylines could appear in The Boston Globe Magazine through a new writing, literature, and publishing course offered next semester.

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Sodexo shakes up dining services after complaints

“We’re committed to serving the highest quality meals we possibly can,” Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services Duncan Pollock said.

Administration provides feedback for community

Following the news of president-elect Trump in an uproarious democratic process, staff offers its thoughts.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Students react to election results

America has spoken, but a cloud of confusion cast its shadow at Emerson the day after Donald Trump became President-elect.

Polling Society blindsided by election results

Disingenuous voter response to pollsters and last-minute apathetic voter turnout defied Emerson College Polling Society’s prediction for the 2016 presidential election.

Letter from the Editor—On election day

We must be, now more than ever, proud of our womanhood. We must flaunt our femininity in the face of those who want to control it.

New approach to final exams to pilot this semester

A new finals schedule is being implemented this semester.

Campus theater spaces hard to come by

High demand for Emerson’s only free performance space—Little Building’s Cabaret, which will close this December for renovations—has forced some student theater groups to seek locations outside the college to showcase their work.

Cabaret and Fitness Center to move

The Cabaret theater and the Fitness Center will move from the Little Building to a building at the corner of Summer and Arch Streets, according to an email sent to the Emerson community from the directors of the Cabaret, the Fitness Center, and the Athletic Training Room.

Faculty offers advice and new sights

The administration offers its thoughts to the community.

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New minor could change storytelling education

A new interdepartmental minor called “Nonfiction Narratives”—which will include courses from journalism; visual and media arts; writing, literature and publishing; and performing arts departments—may be offered next fall.

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Gender inclusive bathroom signs vandalized

In an act of vandalism, signs promoting gender inclusivity were ripped off of bathroom doors in the Paramount Center.

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Students march with anti-Trump protests

Emerson students joined the thousands who marched through downtown Boston on Wednesday night to express their dissatisfaction with this week’s election results—namely, the election of Donald Trump as president.