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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Faculty reworks inclusivity committee

Faculty and staff discussed creating a committee dedicated to inclusive excellence, replacing an ad hoc committee on cultural competency––meant to be a temporary organization––at Tuesday’s faculty assembly meeting.

ArtsEmerson backs theater as inclusive space with Ghostlight

More than 100 students, faculty, and members of the theater community came together to pledge to keep theaters inclusive in response to isolating comments and actions from President Donald Trump.

BPDA approves Fenway lease

City officials have approved Emerson’s proposal to lease property in Fenway to temporarily house students during campus construction.

Crime Log

Crime Log for Jan. 1 to Jan. 21.

SGA backs new sanctuary campus petition

Student Government Association voted to unanimously support a new petition requesting Emerson to publicly declare itself a sanctuary campus to assist undocumented students.

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Students, faculty join March on Washington

More than 50 students and at least two faculty members marched in a crowd that the Associated Press reported was about 500,000 strong.

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Competitive gaming course set for fall debut

An introduction to eSports, the industry of competitive professional video gaming, will be part of the new sports communication program starting next fall.

Former Health Communications graduate director dies abroad

Best known for his books on HIV/AIDS communication, Timothy Edgar served as graduate director of health communication for 14 years.

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Historic theater to reopen next year

Emerson and Ambassador Theatre Group established a partnership to program, renovate, and preserve the historic theater, Pelton wrote in an email to the community earlier this month.

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Boylston-Tremont crosswalk time lengthened

The city of Boston added four seconds to the walk signals at the intersection of Boylston and Tremont streets after a petition from Emerson students drew attention to safety issues surrounding the walk time.

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Trip to DC protest funded by college offices

With support from the college, 48 students and two faculty members will attend the protest, not to mention students attending independently.

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