Incident Journal

by Shafaq Patel / Beacon Correspondent • April 6, 2017

The Incident Journal is provided to the Beacon weekly by the Emerson College Police Department. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.


Monday, March 20

A Securitas officer gave drug paraphernalia that was found by a Sodexo worker inside the Max Cafe to the Emerson College Police Department.

A staff member found suspicious writing left on a college computer. An investigation by ECPD revealed the writing was part of a film shoot and was left on the computer accidentally.

A staff member found a marijuana cigarette and drug paraphernalia inside the Max Mutchnick Campus Center and gave it to ECPD.


Tuesday, March 21

A staff member reported having college property stolen while inside Los Angeles International Airport.  


Wednesday, March 22

A student informed ECPD of being scammed while traveling near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life confiscated drug paraphernalia from a Piano Row suite and gave it to ECPD.


Thursday, March 23

A student reported that their college ID was stolen after leaving it inside a common room in Piano Row.


Friday, March 24

An ECPD officer on patrol found a door to the art gallery inside the Tufte Performance & Production Center open and unlocked. A search of the premises showed nothing out of the ordinary and the door was locked.


Saturday, March 25

A Securitas officer working inside the Union Bank Building reported to ECPD that two individuals entered the building without showing proper identification. The two were found inside a first floor restroom and were asked to leave.


Sunday, March 26

A student found camera equipment belonging to the Equipment Distribution Center inside Piano Row and gave it to a Securitas officer. The equipment was returned back to the EDC.


Monday, March 27

A student reported a laundry hamper stolen from the laundry room in the Colonial building. 

A student reported to ECPD that someone had entered their room in the Little Building during the evening and disturbed their belongings.


Tuesday, March 28

A pedestrian notified an ECPD officer that two unknown people got into a fight in front of the Caffè Nero on Washington Street. The two had left before ECPD arrived.


Friday, March 31

A Securitas officer working in Piano Row informed ECPD that a student had bypassed them without tapping into the building. ECPD and OHRL staff identified the student.

The manager of Whisky Saigon reported smelling a burning odor. An investigation by ECPD and later BFD found that an electrical panel overheated. A facilities manager had the electrical panel repaired. There was no fire or injuries.


Saturday, April 1

ECPD officers intervened in a verbal dispute between a Lyft driver and a passenger.  


Sunday, April 2

A student reported the theft of a laptop after leaving it inside the Paramount Mainstage the prior evening. 

ECPD investigated a report of a person jumping over the fence at the construction site for the new residence hall. ECPD found that a security officer working inside the construction site had scaled the fence to gain access.