SGA grants appeal for Anime @ Emerson

by Drayton Mayers / Beacon Correspondent • February 25, 2016

Updated 3/2/16; 3:00 p.m.

The Student Government Association granted an appeal on Thursday from Anime @ Emerson for financial funds needed for members of the organization to take part in Anime Boston.

“Anime Boston is an opportunity for our members to expand their knowledge of the industry,” Anime @ Emerson wrote in their appeal. “[We can also] gain skills that apply to their majors and career paths.”

John Depa, the organization’s president who was not present at the meeting, is a junior visual and media arts major and SGA’s executive treasurer.

The cost breakdown includes three days of admission fees and the price of a one-day pass for Tikesha Morgan, director of multicultural student affairs and GLBTQ student resources. Morgan is the advisor of Anime @ Emerson, and wanted to learn more about it, according to Lindsay Peichel, co-president of the group. The organization appealed for $1,160. The cost of admission is $55 per person.

“Many members are unable to go to the conference, given the high cost of admission and meals,” Peichel, a junior visual and media arts major, said. “We hope that, in subsidizing the cost of admission, members will be able to pay for their own meals and transportation, increasing attendance and impact on the Emerson community.”

Across three days, Anime Boston holds over 100 individual panels which cover topics including animation criticism and theory, Japanese culture, screenwriting, and voice acting, among many others, according to Peichel.

Anime Boston will take place during the weekend of March 25-27.

There is $126,330.30 remaining in the SGA budget.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly labeled the organization, Anime @ Emerson, in the headline as Anime @ Boston. Also, a quote attributed to organization president John Depa was actually taken from Anime @ Emerson’s appeal document.