SGA grants two appeals

by Drayton Mayers / Beacon Correspondent • February 11, 2016

The Student Government Association granted two appeals Tuesday from both the Emerson Poetry Project and the 2016 Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards Committee.

EPP Vice President John Biddick, a junior writing, literature, and publishing major; and Treasurer Emma Rebholz, a sophomore writing, literature, and publishing major, represented the poetry-based organization, appealing for funds needed to travel from Boston to Austin, Texas, for the nation’s collegiate poetry slam, College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

Biddick said his organization doesn’t have a large enough budget to send the team to CUPSI.

“The organization’s main purpose is to act as ambassadors between the Emerson College creative community and the national community,” Biddick said.

In past years EPP drove to CUPSI, and in 2010, Emerson hosted the event, according to Biddick. Since it’s in Austin this year, both traveling and lodging were essential factors for receiving SGA funds.

The next appeal came from the 2016 ERA Awards Committee. Jasmine Reyes, the group’s president and class of 2016 senator presented, citing a financial need for technical elements at the annual event.

“Last year, we raised the bar by utilizing LED screens and lighting fixtures that allowed us to display video across the entire stage,” Reyes, a senior journalism major, said. “This year we want to incorporate a more three-dimensional stage space for a more aesthetically pleasing dynamic ceremony.”

ERA asked SGA to cover the cost of the set design. The Office of Student Activities is already contributing approximately $21,320 to the total of the show, which goes toward the food, room rental, programs, trophies, and other miscellaneous expenses, according to the ERA appeal document.

Both appeals were granted. There is $127,490.30 remaining in the appeals budget.