SGA boosts Kidding Around budget

by Celia Carbone / Beacon Correspondent • October 20, 2016

Kidding Around, a student theater company for young audiences, will have more funds for their spring productions after the Student Government Association granted them an extra $1,725 last Thursday.

Kidding Around Executive Director Mimi Warnick said there would not have been enough funds to produce two high-caliber productions in the spring with the current budget. SGA gave them $8,260 for the academic year, but only around $3,000 remains. Warnick said the company would ideally have the budget at 48 percent to 60 percent in the second semester to ensure there is enough money for two to three productions.

The main factors that call for an increase in budget are unforeseen high costs of rights to produce the full-length plays and the weekend rental costs at the Bill Bordy Theater, Warnick said. Kidding Around has cut the budget by producing The Hobbit, one show in their fall repertoire, off-campus to avoid paying the high rental costs of Emerson theaters. Designer budgets will be cut significantly for the next production, Yo Vikings.

The theater company reached out to other organizations for co-sponsorships and was denied prior to standing in front of SGA for an appeal.

“Kidding Around is entering into a new chapter, and we are pushing for a budget that reflects this new era that we are embarking on,” Warnick said. “We hope that this money will aid our musical costs so our spring season can be just as great as the fall.”

Anna Drummond, SGA’s LGBTQ Commissioner, spoke in favor of allocating Kidding Around the requested funds.

She praised the amount of community outreach Kidding Around is involved in. The theater company presents social advocacy by involving other student theater programs in the Boston area in their productions and educational workshops.

“I think [Kidding Around’s community outreach] is something very different from a lot of the theater organizations,” Drummond said.