SGA holds press night

by May Blake / Beacon Correspondent • November 19, 2015

The Student Government Association held its press night on Nov. 17 for the recent election, which began Tuesday at midnight and was open for 24 hours.

Brandon Kaplan, a freshman visual and media arts major who ran for class of 2019 president, said that his main focus would be improving relationships between students and faculty. He spoke about working with Little Building Hall Council to create events.

Madeline Ramaley, a freshman political communication major, who was running for class of 2019 senator, said that her main concern would be listening to her peers.

Ramaley ran against Law Jia-Yun, a freshman visual and media arts major. Jia-Yun spoke about her involvement in several extracurricular activities, including Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, Women in Motion, Emertainment Monthly and the EVVYs. Jia-Yun said she appreciated how SGA wants to make a difference, unlike the student government in her high school.

“I want to be part of that movement and that's why I'm running for senator instead of the other positions,” Jia-Yun said. “The senate focuses on changing things for the Emerson community college-wide, like limited print credits, [dining hall] food and personal pronouns awareness.”

SGA Elections Commissioner James Rowland spoke on behalf of Annie Makielski, a political communication sophomore who is currently studying at Kasteel Well. In her statement, Makielski spoke of her experience in SGA as external programs commissioner.

“I have seen the critical role the organization plays in Emerson. At the same time, I have seen the critical role Emerson plays in the lives of students, and [the role] students play in the community of Emerson,” Makielski said in her statement.

There were no candidates for class of 2019 secretary or treasurer.

News editor Laura King, a friend of Makielski, did not edit this article.