MIT bans parties after incident 

by Martha Schick / Beacon Staff • September 11, 2014

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has banned large parties and gatherings after a woman fell from the third story of a house at a Lambda Chi Alpha party on Aug. 31, according to MIT’s student newspaper, The Tech.

The party was listed on the Lambda Chi Alpha website as a rush event.

According to The Boston Globe’s interview with Lisa Timberlake, Boston’s inspectional services department spokeswoman, the department will investigate the number of people on the property that night. If there were more than 49, the fraternity would not be in accordance with city rules, as they did not have permits for a gathering of that size.

This comes after a student fell through a skylight at an MIT Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity house last October, which resulted in the fraternity receiving citations for alcohol violation and for the roof deck failing to meet building codes.