Alum launches traditional soda, with a twist

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • May 31, 2014

Temple Twist creator Jon Allen debuted his soda at Lambert's Marketplace.
Temple Twist creator Jon Allen debuted his soda at Lambert's Marketplace.

Want to enjoy a sweet drink without the guilt? One Emerson alumnus says he has a solution for you.

On May 31 at Lambert's Marketplace, Jon Allen, a 2014 Emerson graduate, launched his debut product Temple Twist, a ready-made Shirley Temple drink.

“I love Shirley Temple, but as we know soda is really bad for you,” the former marketing communication major said.

Allen’s version of the classic beverage is the first completely organic option ever, he said.

This product, just like the traditional drink, is non-alcoholic. While it isn’t the customary mix of ginger ale and grenadine, it does contain carbonated water, organic sugar, and organic cherry juice concentrate.

As seen on the bottle, Temple Twist is USDA organic certified.

He said was able to create this after winning the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship Expo, or E3 Expo, two years ago. The Expo represents the culmination of E3, a yearlong program where students design and pitch their own product, according to the courses’ website. Allen was awarded $10,000.

Allen said Lambert's agreed to sell a special edition launch bottle at $6.50 for 25 ounces, which serves three for 80 calories, during the summer. The vintage-looking glass bottles, filled with red soda, were stamped with the trademarked symbol of two intertwined cherry stems and declared the drink’s “Original Taste. Organic Twist.”

Allen and David Weiner, a Temple Twist team member and junior journalism major, stood in the market’s entryway, wearing bright red shirts next to a table with small samples, encouraging customers to try.

"I'm very excited. We have gotten a great response. A lot of people are trying it," Allen said.

About 40 people purchased Temple Twist within an hour and a half of the launch.

Allen said for the rest of the summer, the Shirley Temple drink will be sold in various local independent boutiques.