Five Cent Sound and Kappa Gamma Chi granted additional funds

by Stephany Christie / Beacon Staff • December 11, 2014

Five Cent Sound, a student music magazine, and the sorority Kappa Gamma Chi requested additional funds at a Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

Five Cent Sound originally appealed for $2,506 to cover the cost of printing two magazine issues this year. However, SGA members didn’t want to allocate funds for next semester’s issue yet. They determined that Five Cent Sound would only need $873—in addition to funds from its existing budget—to print this semester’s issue, and granted that amount.

The group intends to order 150 copies of each issue, according to its appeal packet.

Kappa Gamma Chi was allocated $7,598, the amount it had appealed for, at the meeting. The sorority was appealing for its campaign, Emerald Empowerment, which promotes awareness of “power-based interpersonal violence” and encourages intervention, according to the organization’s appeal packet.

Alicia Carroll, SGA’s visual and media arts senator, represented Emerald Empowerment at the meeting. She told SGA that the money requested would help to decrease the cost for members to put on events so the beneficiaries could receive more of the profits. Carroll abstained from voting on the appeal.