Former VP of enrollment starts new job at NYU

by Laura King / Beacon Staff • November 20, 2014

Emerson’s former vice president of enrollment, MJ Knoll-Finn, said goodbye to the college this month when she left to take a similar position at New York University.

Knoll-Finn left the school on Nov. 1 after six years of work. Her step down from the office was first announced in an email sent to the faculty and staff by President M. Lee Pelton.

Since Nov. 3, Knoll-Finn has served as the vice president of enrollment management at NYU. In the larger school, she oversees employees in multiple departments, including undergraduate admissions, institutional research, and the registrar’s office, according to Pelton’s email.

"I have the utmost respect for her,” said Ruthanne Madsen, associate vice president of enrollment and student financial services, and now interim vice president for enrollment. “She certainly deserves the acclaim that NYU is going to give her."

Knoll-Finn could not be reached for comment.

During Knoll-Finn’s time at Emerson, the college saw an increase in the numbers of applicants, student diversity, SAT scores, and grade point averages of incoming freshman, according to Madsen.

"She has been able to market Emerson in such a way where we get a lot of interest from prospective students," said Madsen.

Knoll-Finn also helped create EmersonPathways, a free arts program for high school students that launched in September.   

She and Madsen also established the Office of Student Success which coordinates resources and programs to help students stay at Emerson through graduation and be successful in their personal and academic lives.

Madsen was hired by Knoll-Finn three years ago, and said she had worked closely with her ever since.

She said she will hold the interim position until the department finds a new vice president, but is not applying for the permanent title.

"She's an absolutely amazing leader and NYU is lucky to have her,” said Madsen. “We were lucky to have her for as long as we did."