Amendment goes to vote

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • April 4, 2013

In addition to the 17 balloted SGA positions, three constitutional changes were listed to be voted on in the election this week. 

If the amendment passes, the SGA will be allowed to approve and post its weekly minutes online up to nine days after a joint session meeting. Additionally, the executive assistant and sustainability commissioner would be added as official positions. 

Currently, the SGA is required to post its minutes within 48 hours of each joint session meeting. The increased review time would allow student government members to ensure accuracy, said Sharon Duffy, assistant dean of students and SGA adviser said in an email to the Beacon.

The responsibilities of the executive assistant and sustainability commissioner would not change if the amendment passes. Rather, the positions would be recognized by the SGA constitution.

The executive assistant — who serves until the end of the academic year — assists the president of the SGA, attends all executive council meetings, and administers the SGA’s website, according to the SGA’s online statement about the amendment. Currently, the executive assistant is Kassandra King.

The sustainability commissioner, currently Lindsay Geller, serves as the link between the SGA and sustainability at the college.

Paul Almeida, the current marketing communication senator, who ran for 2013-2014 president, said these amendments are more technical than substantial. 

“None of them are major changes, just little cleanups,” he said.

At least 10 percent of the student body must vote on — and a majority must confirm — a change in the SGA constitution for it to be ratified. Voting ended at midnight last night.