"Will & Grace" set to move to LA

by Jackie Tempera / Beacon Staff • October 22, 2013

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The Will & Grace set will move from the Iwasaki Library to the new Los Angeles center.
The Will & Grace set will move from the Iwasaki Library to the new Los Angeles center.

The set of popular sitcom Will & Grace will move from its current location in the Iwasaki Library to the college’s new Los Angeles center this semester, according to Kevin Bright, the center’s founding director.

The glass-encased apartment, currently listed as number seven on Emerson’s ‘top reasons to visit’ list directed toward potential students, has been in the library since 2008. This is when Max Mutchnick, the executive producer of the comedy and an alumnus of the college, donated it.

The decision to move the signature set came after students complained about a lack of library space, said Andrew Tiedemann, the college’s vice president of communication and marketing. The move will free up 600 square feet, which will be dedicated to more study room, said Tiedemann.

Bright said this decision makes sense for both campuses.

“It's no secret there is a problem with library space,” said Bright in an interview with the Beacon. “And we had a large undedicated space for it, so really its a win-win situation.” 

Bright said he hopes the set will be comforting for student studying in LA who were accustomed to seeing it in the Boston campus.

“It will be a familiar sight when they walk in,” he said.

In the next few weeks, the original set designers from Will & Grace will fly to Boston to dismantle the set, said Bright. They will then fly out to LA and set it up in the Sunset Boulevard building. But before it goes, students will be invited to say goodbye, said Tiedemann.

On Friday between 4 and 6 p.m., the glass case will be removed and students can walk onto the set, according to Tiedemann.

“I’m sure there will be a lot of Instagrams,” he quipped.