Pelton announces new commencement location and date for spring

by Mike Disman / Beacon Staff • September 6, 2012

President M. Lee Pelton announced that the 2013 commencement ceremony will now be held on the second Sunday in May at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in an email to the Emerson community on July 23.

In the past, commencement activities were held at the Wang Theater for the Performing Arts on the second Monday in May, with a reception following on the Boston Common.

However, according to the email, numerous factors relating to the date and venue led the college reexamine the specifics of the ceremony.

The Wang Theater seats around 4,000 people, leaving the approximately 900 graduates only received three tickets for friends and family, forcing many to watch a closed-circuit broadcast at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, said Tiedemann in an email to the Beacon.

Holding commencement on a Monday meant that those who traveled lengthy distances to see the ceremony were forced to take multiple days off of work, according to Pelton.

The new locations will allow each senior six tickets for friends and family, an answer to complaints from students and their families, said to Tiedemann.

“I’m really excited about the changes,” said Lauren Cortizo, a senior marketing communication major “It was a struggle to get our whole family there when my brother graduated from Emerson two years ago, so this is great.”

Because the second Sunday in May is also Mother’s Day, commencement will now begin at 10 am for undergraduates and 2 pm for graduate students, leaving time to celebrate the holiday as well, according to Tiedemann, who said it is a relatively common date for commencement ceremonies.