SGA announces election dates, alters timeline for campaigning

by Mike Disman / Beacon Staff • September 27, 2012

Jonallen ally
Jonathan Allen, class of 2014 president.
Jonathan Allen, class of 2014 president.

The due date for completed elections packets, required by students interested in running for a position in the Student Government Association, has been extended to Oct. 9.

SGA voted to lengthen the deadline at its weekly meeting on Tuesday, after members said they thought the cutoff date of Oct. 2 was too early, stating that the time frame did not give students enough time to organize and obtain the 50 peer signatures necessary to validate a candidacy. 

Current vacant roles on the organization are vice treasurer, secretary, deputy justice, class of 2015 senator, individually designed interdisciplinary program (IDIP) senator, and performing arts senator. 

Jonathan Allen, the class of 2014 president, spoke in favor of the change, stating that many students have expressed interest in SGA positions and the revised date wouldn’t be too early or too late.

Allen’s opinion was echoed by Class of 2013 President Jenna McPadden and Journalism Senator Christine Hayes.

Hayes said that more time was needed for SGA candidates who could attend the weekly meetings, and McPadden agreed that the extra time was a necessity, but noted that it might still be hard for off-campus students to obtain the necessary  number of signatures.

Class of 2015 President Nicholas de la Canal spoke against the modification.

“You don’t need a week to get 50 signatures, especially since people have already expressed interest,” said de la Canal. “People will be able to get the packets in.”

The vote passed unanimously.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that special elections determines all SGA roles for the class of 2016. The special election is only for current open positions on the SGA, not to fill roles for the freshmen class.