ECPD warns student body of unknown man roaming Walker

by Stephanie Bradbury / Beacon Staff • September 27, 2012

Walker ally
The unidentified man was found wandering throughout the Walker Building.
The unidentified man was found wandering throughout the Walker Building.

Students were notified by the Emerson College Police Department to be cautious of an unknown man who was seen wandering around on the seventh floor of the Walker Building last week. 

The man — who was described as having salt and pepper hair — entered the building on Monday, Sept. 17 for reasons that are unknown. The ECPD responded to the Walker Building, but the man had already departed, according to an advisory flier posted throughout campus. 

A staff member first noticed the male, who then fled to the 4th floor where he sat in a cubicle pretending to be a professor. When the staff member realized that the man was trespassing, he left the building. 

According to Lieutenant Eric Schiazza, this has not been the first time someone has trespassed in an Emerson building. 

“It’s not uncommon,” said Schiazza. “It’s to be expected in a college in the city. We’re not a militaristic school, and we don’t make students tap their ID’s before 7 p.m. The officers at the desk are pretty good at knowing who the students are but every now and again people get in.”

Schiazza said the college’s proximity to St. Francis House may be a factor. The St. Francis House is a shelter and rehabilitation center that provides the homeless with three meals a day, but provides neither housing nor a place to stay in between meals, which sometimes leads them to Emerson buildings, Schiazza said. 

Some students have expressed concern over the incident. 

“I think it’s kind of scary,” said sophomore performing arts major Robin Goldberg. “But things do happen, [Emerson] is in a city.”

Freshman Victoria Socolosky expressed a similar sentiment to Goldberg.

“I don’t like that at all. There is security for a reason,” said the freshman marketing communication major. “If they see someone suspicious, security shouldn’t let them in.”