SGA candidates for Fall 2012

by Stephanie Bradbury / Beacon Staff and Jackie Tempera / Beacon Staff • April 3, 2012

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Presidential candidate Tau Zaman gives the final speech of the night on Monday
Presidential candidate Tau Zaman gives the final speech of the night on Monday

Find a full list of the candidates at yesterday’s Student Government Association speech night below with each hopeful’s year, major, and goals if elected. Students can vote at Voting ends Thursday at 11:59.

SGA Executive Treasurer:

Tanya Flink
Junior, Theatre studies and political communication double major
Goals: Speak for on campus organizations, get to know organization leaders

SGA Executive Vice President:

Caitlin Higgins
Junior, broadcast journalism major
Goals: Push board of trustees harder, improve academic reform

SGA Executive President:

Tau Zaman
Junior, political communication major
Goals: Impose a tuition freeze, improve dining options, make the school listen to SGA

Class of 2014 President:

Jon Allen
Sophomore, marketing communication major
Goals: Foreign language classes, raise awareness about cultures, have impact on art students in Boston

Class of 2014 Senator:

Ben Halls
Sophomore, writing, literature, and publishing major
Goals: improve attendance policy, voice student’s feelings rather than his own

Class of 2015 President:

Nick de la Canal
Freshman, journalism major
Goals: Rally students together, unite class







Lauren Mandel
Freshman, Marketing Communication major
Goals: Build strong relationships with staff, convey school’s ideas


Class of 2015 Senator:

Lilly Joynes
Freshman, Communication Studies major
Goals: to see dining hall reforms through, continue to work on academic reform, see more language classes, create more fun events that bring the classes together

Class of 2015 Vice President:

Emily Wald
Freshman, visual and media arts major
Goals: make fun events class can enjoy, relaxation events during finals(puppies, face painting), bring Emerson’s opportunities to students

Marketing Senator:

Karlan Baumann
Sophomore, marketing communication major
Goals: work with dining services, continue facilitating discussions between the department and students

Communication Sciences and Disorders Senator:

Katie Ruggiero
Junior, communications disorders major
Goals: Improve dining options, initiate cultural events for students, organize major, get more recognition on campus, increase number of available internships

Journalism Senator:

Christine Hayes
Junior, Journalism
Goals: Give information to students, create newsletter, create better communication with students

WLP Senator:


Alyssa Guarino
Senior, writing, literature, and publishing major
Goals: improve print credit situation, created a WLP newsletter, improve curriculum, create better transparency between school and students

VMA Senator:

Alex Clarke
Sophomore, visual and media arts major
Goals: continue working on safety campaign, make educational videos,  work with department heads






Laura Martin
Freshman, visual and media arts major
Goals: Create better bonds with professors, speak for student body, create more awareness


Candidates not present at speech night:

Class of 2013 President:
Jenna McPadden
Junior, Marketing Communication major
Goals: Work on graduation, senior week, commencement

Class of 2014 Vice President:
Marissa Loughlin

Class of 2014 Secretary:
Ryan Mazie

Class of 2015 Secretary:
Renee Smith
Freshman, Political Communication major

Class of 2013 Senator:
Tobey Zaretsky
Junior, Political Communication major

There is no candidate for performing arts senator.