Student gov't appoints new spritual life commissioner

by Mike Disman / Beacon Staff • October 4, 2012

Emeline Jarvie was appointed as the spiritual life commissioner at the Student Government Association’s meeting on Tuesday, leaving eight SGA commissioner positions open.

Jarvie, a sophomore writing, literature, and publishing major, has been a member of the Emerson Christian Fellowship for over a year and said that she hopes to address a variety of religion-based issues on campus.

Vice President Caitlin Higgins raised the motion to appoint Jarvie as the spiritual life commissioner, which was seconded by Class of 2014 Senator Benjamin Halls.

In the only inquiry raised before Jarvie’s appointment, Writing, Literature, and Publishing Senator Alyssa Guarino asked the candidate if she had any plans for upcoming activities to engage spiritual students or bring awareness to religious organizations on campus. 

Jarvie responded that she likes the inner-faith Hillel dinners and aspires to hold more of them in the future. She also said that she wants to increase interaction with the Spiritual Life office. 

Jarvie said that she feels Emerson can seem like a spiritually-deficient campus, and she hopes to increase its representation in SGA and around campus, in addition to increasing communication within the college’s various spiritual groups. 

Emerson currently has three spiritual life organizations: Emerson Good News Fellowship, Hillel, and Newman Club. 

Jarvie also said that spiritualism sometimes seems to carry a negative stigma on campus, and one of her main goals is to allow students of faith to be more comfortable with practicing their religions around campus.

Jarvie’s bid for the position was backed by Communication Studies Senator Abagael McCauley, who spoke in her favor.

“I have worked and lived with Emeline for two years,” said McCauley.  “The passion she has for opening up to everyone and hearing what they have to say is important because I feel there has to be more discussion of faith on campus, and Emeline will do that well.” 

After all discussion was finished, Jarvie was voted unanimously into the position.