The Real Hollywood Stars

by Beacon Staff • March 17, 2011

Time to leave Hollywood and head to Beverly Hills. We guarantee it’s worth making a trip to the nation’s first exclusively organic coffee company. Urth Caffe, known as Cameron Diaz’s favorite cafe in the sunny state, has more to offer than just coffee. Their soup and salad combo surpasses any other you may encounter. The ceaser salad includes locally grown, fresh romaine lettuce, drizzled with the caffe’s homemade ceaser dressing.

But that’s not all that’s original. Urth Caffe has you purchase your food at a register, assigns you a number, and you find yourself a seat wherever you please. Based on your number, a waiter will come find you. Once you’re done, just leave! No bill to wait on. We have to admit, though, Urth is a bit pricey. Expect dropping an Andrew Jackson for even a standard meal.


In-N-Out Burger

7009 West Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, Calif.


[caption id="attachment_610" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cherylynn Tsushima/Beacon Staff "][/caption]

As far as burger joints go the California pride associated with this one is duly deserved. According to locals, regardless of the time of day — In-N-Out always has a line. Luckily, the service is quick, moments after you’re in... you’re out!

The menu consists of the most basic fast-food options: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries and shakes. Unless, of course, you take account of the secret menu. Their most famous hidden recipes are animal style french fries and burgers, the classics smothered with In-N-Outs special sauce, grilled onions and pickles, and Neopolitan shakesa, aombination of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Vegetarians have no fear! You can get an In-N-Out grilled cheese with cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a burger bun or even a veggie burger at some locations.

A late-night trip to In-N-Out can break your diet, but it won’t break the bank. A burger costs a little over two dollars and french fries about a buck fifty.


French Crepe Company

6801 Hollywood Boulevard # 403

Los Angeles, Calif.


[caption id="attachment_611" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cherylynn Tsushima/Beacon Staff "]Cherylynn Tsushima/Beacon Staff [/caption]

Located on the second level of the Hollywood Highland Center, this ordinary looking sweet treat is easy to pass as just another chain. Meanwhile, it’s actually one of only three locations worldwide, and native to sunny California.

Although the staff is not fluent en francais, their affordable menu offers a wide selection of entrees to satisfy both a sweet tooth as well as a more demanding appetite. From sweet and savory crepes and waffles to more substantial salads, sandwiches, and paninis, it serves as a good course for a satisfying breakfast or lunch, for less than 20 bucks. Try the crepe La Versailles stuffed with fresh strawberries and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Oh la la!



Pink Pepper Thai Cuisine

1638 North La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, Calif.


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If you’re thinking that spicy curry isn’t the best idea during the warm California weather, think again. The pineapple curry sauce is a perfect sweet and zesty blend with a kick that you control. And while you may think Thai fried rice is ambrosial anywhere you go, Pink Pepper beats your expectations. We recommend adding shrimp to seal the deal.

Expect outdoor seating and pleasant service, however try not to attend in a large group. Too many orders at once can overwhelm their kitchen.

Main courses cost less than 10 dollars, and for less than 20 you’ll be so stuffed you won’t be able to finish your meal. Here’s to takeout and enjoying the flavors twice!



Tiago Espresso and Bar

7080 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, Calif.


Tiago is another place which stands out among the Coffee Beans as popular on the west coast as Dunkin Donuts are on the east. The one-of-a-kind joint offers outdoor seating and some unusual items like the French croque madame (cheese and ham on toast with a fried egg on top) and fritatta espanola (potato, onion, tomato, bell peppers, fresh parsley and eggs with parmesan cheese on top.)

They also offer wraps, sandwiches, soups, bagels, pastries, and a wider selection of teas and coffees than your average cafe. Unfortunately, this place is not for those who find Starbucks ovepriced. Expect to pay around three dollars for a cup of their regular coffee or tea, and approximately about five for an espresso drink. But, did we mention their baristas were hot?


Shelly’s Cafe

7013 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, Calif.


This place has got some swank, Hilary Swank to be exact. A small plaque on one of the walls proudly announces that a part of Million Dollar Babywas filmed in the cafe. So if you’re in a fightin’ mood and got a hankering for a traditional bagel and cream cheese or decked out omelette with a side of black coffee, this is your kind of place.

Not to mention they’re french toast is to die for. And to top it all off, they give you toast with just about every order and have a basket of yummy jelly to spread on top.

Expect the celebrity treatment for no more than 10 bucks total.



6801 Hollywood Boulevard # 423

Los Angeles, Calif.


Across the courtyard from French Crepe Co., Trastavere looks yummy from afar. They have a pleasant decor and slick service who do their best to keep you happy. However, it’s more or less a family-style restaurant and unless you eat for three on a normal basis, you’ll find yourself paying off more than you can chew. On average, their appetizers cost about 10 dollars and entrees start at 20 and go to 30.

If you’re not a west coast native, holding off on the Italian cravings until you get back to New York to do it right is probably the best way to go.


-Beata Ryba and Anum Hussain, Beacon Staff