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Friday, October 28, 2016

Mourning One Direction's Zayn Malik isn't "crazy"

As a feminist, I feel protective of young One Direction fans who are experiencing their first pop-culture heartbreak.


The charm and cost of Beacon Hill

In Beacon Hill, every activity, from doing laundry to shopping for food, can come with an expensive price tag. But students who live there say it’s still worth it.


Housing in Boston

As students begin the annual housing search, the Beacon is featuring a different Boston-area neighborhood each week—complete with pros and cons, nightlife prospects, and advice from current residents.

Dix Picks: Appropriation of the baby hair aesthetic

When high fashion designers place previously scorned looks on a runway, a magazine cover, or even a white body, they attempt to be fashion-forward, intelligent, and original.


Potential nonprofit hopes to connect students with city youth

"I don't see enough engagement in Boston between the city and Emerson students."-Sophomore interdisciplinary major Xia Rondeau


Parties, bars, and rats abound in Allston

Although Emerson students who live in the neighborhood had some complaints, they said the area is still a good choice—and has the right price.


Professor Falchuk brings political experience to leadership course

Evan Falchuk, who was an independent candidate in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, is now an Emerson professor.


Current AEPhi president, future NBC Page: Sarah Stein

Junior Sarah Stein has interned at NBC in New York for the past two summers, and has been accepted into the coveted Page program.

Perfection and pop culture

Here in the City of Angels, superhuman, almost unattainable standards of beauty are part of the culture. Especially in the film world, it’s all about presentation.


Celebrating Carnival at the Castle

It's considered a time to take part in all the things not allowed during Lent: alcohol, sex, and mischief.


Spring break trips offer students alternative perspectives

Alternative spring break programs allow students to do a community service projects, often in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, instead of going home or on a vacation. Several campus groups organize trips for Emerson students.

Trend—or modern definition of beauty?

At New York Fashion Week, what struck me most wasn’t chunky sweaters, over-the-knee boots, or androgynous inspirations. Instead, I was fascinated by the industry’s merging of models and role models.


Alum newlyweds reveal difficulties of marriage's first year in reality show

Samantha Abby and Laura Leigh Abby, who graduated from Emerson in 2007, said they decided to join the show to demonstrate that gay and lesbian marriages are no different than other relationships.


Alumna shares struggle with anorexia at Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Her talk was part of the second annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week, hosted by Emerson’s chapter of Active Minds, which aimed to educate the college community and encourage those suffering to seek help.


Freshman fashion blogger campaigns for sleeveless tops and equal rights

Freshman Elizabeth Skerry started a campaign in high school to amend what she saw as an unfair dress code and restore, for her and other young women, the right to to bare their arms.