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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


New Sodexo website allows for increase in communication

“I want students to care about the dining hall,” Breckenridge said, “and I want the dining hall to care about the students.”


Thoreau-ly inspired professor creates app to celebrate green spaces

Paul Turano is aiming to enhance the Boston park experience with his new app, “Wander Wonder Wilderness.”

Carr on Culture: Microagressions, major invalidations

Though I believe none of these men had the intention of invalidating I had written my comment in an attempt to express my feelings about a particular female experience.


The backbone of student organization’s performances

The Cabaret staff helps student organization's put on productions


Fall in Boston: seasonal favorites

Boston offers a variety of fall activities.

Learning to diversify DH food through social media

Some students think that there are no healthy options at the dining hall, but there are ways to work around the stations.

Castle Kids: Taking a break from learning to teach

Well is a small village in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands, and is the location of Emerson’s renovated 14th century castle, Kasteel Well, used as their European Center since 1988. Although many service projects such as this were attempted, none were ever successful until now, Powles said.


From the window to the wall: Temporary art in the library

In a room that once held the iconic set of “Will and Grace,” Iwasaki Library frequenters now have a detailed mural mimicking stained glass to enhance their studying environment.


Inspiring young readers, one Youtube video at a time

Sasha Alsberg has a following of over 200,000 on Youtube.


Retail jobs offer students more than just discounted fashion

However, it isn’t just the ease of getting into retail that attracts many students to join the workforce.

Beacon Beauty: Countless ways to contour

With new types of contouring opening our eyes to countless possibilities, it seems the plain old bronzer-and-brush technique is going out of style.


Second time around: Students become teachers

Alumni make up a substantial percentage of the faculty at Emerson.

Hilton and the heart: Summer flings and flops

This was the summer of my sexual awakening. Or, at the very least, the summer of constant cocktails and weird hookups.


Primark—First impressions

Students are excited about Primark's opening.


LB Fitness Center offers more than the standard workout

Upon entering the Emerson College Fitness Center, the sounds of people chatting mingle with the hum of treadmills and the ring of someone setting down his or her weights. The smell of sweat hangs in the air, and the televisions and bright lights give off the energy one might need for a good workout.