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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Putting the “me” in comedy: Improv jam develops skills

"A lot of people were taking risks, which always makes everything more fun." -Sophomore Isabella Boettcher

Runaway trolley leads first Emerson Ethics Lecture Series talk

"Torture is a cancer that spreads quickly and changes the entire culture." -Gregory Fried, Suffolk University chairman

A look inside boxes, relationships, and a BFA student film

"This whole story is a personal story without necessarily being personal," said senior Paul Lazo, the film's director and co-writer.

Dating Tips: Summer lovin' or summertime sadness?

"No one wants to hear that his or her relationship is doomed, but there is a good chance yours is.”

Students receive job offers from Blue Jays Unlimited, Dreamworks

While graduation is swiftly approaching and Emerson seniors are eagerly preparing to enter their first full-time jobs, “do something you’re passionate about” has become a popular mantra.


From Cheeto dust to zoo parking lots, Film II students get creative

"Everyone has an opportunity to put their own creative stamp on the project." -Professor Jared Gordon


Shades of green: Emerson prepares for Earth day

"It wouldn't be a garden in one place but a garden in every place." -Campus sustainability coordinator Eric Van Vlandren


New stunt group aims to bring safety to film shoots

"The passion and desire at Emerson are high. If we can harness that passion and be safe at the same time, that's good." -Junior Benjamin Garmise

Dutch Diaries: Kasteel Well travel tips and tricks

"Just because you can legally order drinks doesn’t mean you have to drink yourself under the table.”

Dating Tips: The Do's and Dont's of a Break-Up

I always try to stay friends with my exes. I figure that if I liked them enough to date them I probably like them enough to at least be friendly toward them.


#ThereIsMoreToMe opens dialogue on race

"Race needs to be a conversation here at Emerson. It can't just be a little workshop here and there facilitated by someone." -Freshman Mona Moriya


Students immerse themselves within world of cosplay

"Cosplay is having a passion for something so much that you want to immerse yourself into that world." -Freshman Faith D'Isa