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Friday, October 24, 2014

The science of sleep

Sleep can be a valuable commodity for a college student, especially one who is heading toward finals week. And although it is valuable, many times when schoolwork piles up or schedules get overbooked, sleep is the first thing to get pushed to the side.


Activist speaks about racism

Tim Wise speaks with the occasional lyricism of a spoken word poet. He does so quickly, running ideas in circles around each other and pausing for the odd sip of water.


Boston Strong raises $562,000

Two Emerson students’ Boston Strong fundraiser has sold over 37,000 shirts, according to their page on Initially hoping to sell 110, the pair has far exceeded this goal and raised over $562,000 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings as of Wednesday.

Fashionista Gal: break the trend

But there is a world outside of the “Emerson mall” — a place where corporate stores aren’t always the answer and local boutiques can be just as stylish.


Poems, personas, and presenting in public

Students selected by their professors from 23 colleges in the Boston area read their poetry aloud for the 2013 Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival last Thursday night at Boston College.


ERA Awards to honor leadership, civic engagement

After a large campaign to raise awareness about Emerson Recognition and Achievement Award nominations, this year’s ERA Awards will prove to be a larger exhibition of student work and accomplishment than in years past, according to Jason Meier, director of student activities.


Graduating students to share theses at WLP awards

Every year, a horde of writing, literature, and publishing seniors scramble to finish their theses to complete their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Some sit at their computers in revision purgatory while others chatter to their thesis advisors about overflowing ideas. Today, a handful will be given awards.


A farewell feast

As the semester comes to a quick close, I’m not the only senior juggling final projects while making plans for graduation. With the whole family coming for the weekend, and so many friends to celebrate with, the pressure is on to find the best bites in Boston for the grand finale.


Living a life, interrupted

On April 4, 2012, Suleika Jaouad said she was sitting alone in her hospital room in the bone marrow transplant wing when she heard a man in the hall selling newspapers. She requested a copy of The New York Times, and when she turned to page D5, she saw an article titled, “Grown, but Still in Cancer’s ‘Tweens.” The byline displayed her own name.


Marketing guru receives award, speaks about Lincoln

Kevin Campbell, a 1987 Emerson graduate, has made a career out of understanding the psychology of his audiences. The executive vice president of marketing at Walt Disney Studios, Campbell analyzes all aspects of the films he works on.


Under the sea: Alum becomes professional mermaid

Linden Wolbert, an Emerson alumna, loves the ocean. Her job consists of modeling underwater, being an ocean videographer, and attending events to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. During almost all of these activities, she dons a 35-pound, silicone mermaid tail.

Is coffee healthy?

The potential dangers of excess coffee consumption have been questioned, but some new studies are indicating that we may not need to worry after all.


Discussing sex and safety

Emerald Empowerment kicked off Monday night with its first speaker Jaclyn Friedman, an Emerson alumna and the author of What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex & Safety.


Student brings mental health awareness to Emerson

The subject of mental illness at Emerson College is taboo, according to freshman Ashley Cunningham, who was inspired to begin an Emerson chapter of Active Minds. While walking around the organization fair at the beginning of this year, she realized no club at Emerson addressed the issue.


Emertainment Monthly covers entertainment journalism

O’Connor, a former Beacon correspondent, said she founded Emertainment Monthly, an entertainment news website, in September with the hopes of filling a void in Emerson’s array of magazines.