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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Student’s show hopes to thrill and terrify

Upcoming television show, "Boston Uncommon," aims to introduce an expressive horror production to student viewers.

Health Matters

Stephanie d’Orsay discusses the health behind going gluten-free.


Families conquer campus activites

More than 500 families registered to attend Family Weekend, which ran from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.


Pelton embraces Emerson's Halloween spirit

Trick or Lee is an event that gave students the opportunity to decide what Pelton’s Halloween costume and house decorations will be.

Across the Pond

Growing up while abroad is harder than it looks.


Play me, I’m yours for a day

Senior James Kennedy decided to try to play all 75 pianos in Boston's Play Me, I'm Yours project.


Student take on new sushi joint

With the opening of new sushi restaurant near campus, students review and react.


New belly dancing class brings a taste of the Middle East to campus

Emerson International hosts weekly belly dancing classes.

Love Notes: Putting yourself out there

We are now over a month into the school year, meaning we’re comfortable in classes, we know the best places to score a good meal, and we have well-established crushes.


Students learn the ins and outs of internships

Career Services provides students with workshops to help make the internship application process easier.


Sorority hosts networking workshop for college community

Kappa Gamma Chi hosts first campus-wide professional event.


Bracelets break down cultural barriers

Michael Notrica created a Kenyan nonprofit to promote cultural awareness.

Across the Pond

Overcoming homesickness when studying abroad


Students learn how to be better leaders

College will host the Emerson Leadership Academy for students on Oct. 5.


College collaborates with Colombian university

Dr. Tamera Marko, director of Emerson’s first-year writing program, has been working with professor Edgar Arroyo Castro, dean of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin, through a program called Proyecto Boston Medellin, which connects Emerson and other schools with Colombia.