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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


LB Fitness Center offers more than the standard workout

Upon entering the Emerson College Fitness Center, the sounds of people chatting mingle with the hum of treadmills and the ring of someone setting down his or her weights. The smell of sweat hangs in the air, and the televisions and bright lights give off the energy one might need for a good workout.


Greek Life: Building strong bonds and brotherhood

Emerson fraternities may not be as popular at Emerson as they are at state schools, but they still are able to support the community in immense ways.


Greek Life: Fostering support and sisterhood

With no Greek Row, no lettered houses with house mothers, and no hefty dues, Emerson isn’t what most people think of when they think of traditional greek life.


Dix Picks: On social standards and internet personas

My name is Peyton Dix, and I am a target of cyberbullying.


100 years of history behind closed Colonial doors

On the evening of Dec. 20, 1900, rather than Emerson students dodging each other on their way to their four-hour long night classes, the Boylston sidewalk bustled with theatre goers on the grand opening of the Colonial Theatre.

Beacon's Boston: sip, sit, and shop in these spots

Check out the Beacon Staff's recommended cafes, parks, and thrift stores.

Trends and triumphs: A year’s worth of culture in review

From poignant protests on- and off-campus to the Facebook group Free and For Sale, a look at the trends that shaped Emerson's culture.

Learning a lesson in expectation versus reality

Emerson Los Angeles has left me with more questions than I arrived with, and my career path has more possibilities than ever.

Cambridge a hub of culture and academia

There could be a little something for everyone in Cambridge—a city whose diversity presents itself through a combination of history, culture, academics, and arts.


Freshman draws in success with creative illustrations

Freshman Jenna Miller's career in illustration began in 2013, when she was a senior in high school, and has now led to two published books.


Motivated by family and friends, Emerson students complete Boston Marathon

On Monday, during the 119th annual Boston Marathon, Emerson students Morgan Kennedy and Cristina Ashbaugh experienced the storied 26.2-mile run in the cold rain.

Recyclemania loses momentum, green groups look to recover

Emerson has implemented new sustainability initiatives, but slipped in the rankings of a nationwide recycling contest that took place earlier this year.

Tinder is not the be-all and end-all of love

To ease the pain of your impending Tinder heartbreaks, I’ve decided to open up and share a few of my more grizzly cyber-flirting stories.


Off-campus living, on-campus appeal

In downtown Boston, entertainment is always a short walk away. The area is known not only for its commerce but also for places where people can explore, shop, and relax.

Re-establishing family ties in Warsaw

It had been 16 years since I had been in Poland, and now I had found my family again.