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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Students sink teeth into satirical website, Lion’s Tooth

Lion’s Tooth, modeled after the popular news parody site The Onion, aims to include a mix of timely and evergreen stories, according to its three student co-creators, and has published over 40 articles since its launch.


New art club gives students a judgment-free space to create

Walking into a room full of college students coloring with the same supplies used by kindergarteners may be an unusual sight, but for Emerson freshmen Rachel Butler and Lucy Gatanis, it’s a success.

Love in the time of acne

If I had a successful interaction with a boy every time I got a zit on my chin, I would have so many fun conversations that I wouldn’t be able to remember them all.


Creating a major is possible, for those in the know

According to current students in the program, the process of applying for the interdisciplinary major can be stressful and time-consuming, and it’s not well publicized.


Emerson students former stars of Nickelodeon and Disney shows

These child stars agreed the intense but rewarding experience ultimately influenced their decisions to come to Emerson and pursue careers in the entertainment industry.


New Kasteel Well website debuts for incoming castle dwellers

With over 1,000 visits in the first week after it was launched, seeks to provide a candid guide to life and travel at Emerson’s castle program—a perspective that past participants said has been lacking.

Finding a voice in feminist discourse

It can feel intimidating to jump into discussion about gender, even at a liberal college that, by and large, invites such conversation. At Emerson, where many people seem so well versed on social justice issues, it can be hard to find your footing when you’re trying to learn more about feminism.


Entrepreneur alum has cold-brewed business down to a tea

Alumna Evy Chen developed the idea for her company EvyTea while at Emerson and won the annual entrepreneurship expo; her cold-brewed tea brand is now available at Whole Foods.


Freshman skater-girl balances life on and off the rink

As soon as freshman Ali Reid started to walk, her mom put her in custom-fitted figure skates. Today, she is training for national figure skating competitions.

Dix Picks: Designer Rick Owens shocks Paris runway

Audience members got a little more than they bargained for at Dick—oops, Rick—Owens’ Sphinx fashion show last week. As the show progressed, four male models strutted out onto the runway clad in simplistic ensembles that purposefully revealed the models’ penises.


Through pageant, freshman hopes to promote gender equality

Gina Brazão, a freshman journalism major, is competing in this year’s Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge pageant on Feb. 8, aiming to shed light on gender equality with her platform promoting the United Nations initiative He For She.


Emerson alumni aim to explore the secret lives of diners

Tom Smith and Alecia Eberhardt, who graduated from Emerson in 2011 and are now engaged, created the blog Diner Porn in February 2013 to capture their experiences through photography and slightly fictionalized stories.


Extended last call could affect Emerson's urban campus

When many New Yorkers are just starting their Saturday nights, Boston’s bar patrons are usually paying the tab and heading home, thanks to a strictly enforced 2 a.m. last call.

Warm weather natives experience cold weather shock

"I remember when I started Emerson, I did not have any winter clothes at all...before I knew it, my entire wardrobe had transformed." -Junior Manisha Tolani


A look into Emerson's program in Valencia, Spain

"Don't have this ethnocentric idea that America rules other countries and be willing to let go of your culture a bit and learn other cutures." - Junior Maddie Rojas Lynch