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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Emertainment Monthly covers entertainment journalism

O’Connor, a former Beacon correspondent, said she founded Emertainment Monthly, an entertainment news website, in September with the hopes of filling a void in Emerson’s array of magazines.

Three basic spring coats

We all know that magical feeling when it gets warm enough to shed the layers and no longer have to bundle up in scarves, hats, and heavy coats. As the moment approaches, the outerwear that emerges is lighter, more versatile, and carefree.

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Deaf comedy speaks volumes

On Tuesday night, American Sign Language Emerson and Emerson Mane Events co-hosted Fisher, a deaf comedian and son of Emerson ASL teacher Nancy Fisher, in the Multipurpose Room of Piano Row.

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Group starts Emerson's Aim to End Violence Week

A total of 33 students stood together in the cold in the gazebo on Boston Common, each holding a small, flickering candle, symbolizing the victims whose lives were taken Dec. 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Jumpstart shares their stories to recruit members

Jumpstart officially started its Sharing Your Story campaign last week. The goal of this event is for students in the program, called Corps members, to tell their peers about insightful experiences they’ve had in the past year while helping the preschoolers.

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Emerson professor publishes biography on Margaret Fuller

Six years of work on a biography by Assistant Professor Megan Marshall about women’s rights activist and journalist Margaret Fuller came to a close last Tuesday, when the finished product was released.

Chew it Over

Fresh fruit and vegetable-based smoothies have become extremely popular with the growing interest in juice cleanses and clean eating. They’re faster than microwave breakfasts and easy to eat on the go.

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Recyclemania's Freecycle event teaches recycling

Earth Emerson is participating in this year’s Recyclemania for the second time, a competition in which colleges and universities across the United States and Canada vie for the title of Grand Champion.

Don't sacrifice style for comfort

People usually say they care more about comfort than style. At first, this seems like a sensible explanation, but what they don’t realize is their ugly footwear is making an even uglier statement.

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New student magazines discuss social issues

The inception of a new magazine on campus tends to occur when a group of students feels passionate about filling a neglected niche. Thanks to Isis Magazine and Under the Covers, feminism, social issues, and the college lifestyle are now getting more coverage at Emerson.

Health Matters

A trip to the grocery store can be filled with questions about what should and should not be in your cart. With all the options available, it can be difficult to discern which foods are healthy choices, and which are just packaged to look like they are.

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From degree to diplomacy

Communication studies alumna Kerry Velez was waiting at a table in Starbucks with two suitcases ready to go, a laptop open to a set of new emails, and a cup of coffee in hand. Velez was on her way back to Maryland, where she is now living. But travelling isn’t something new for Velez; she said she hopes to make a career out of it.

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Lions and Oscars and discos, oh my!

According to co-president Katherine Raymond, the question that Emerson Mane Events consistently gets asked by Emerson students is, “Why?”

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Quidditch teams raise money for World Cup

The Quidditch World Cup is doing things a bit differently this year by adding a Division II slot, moving the location and date, and holding Regional championships. Because of these changes, two Emerson teams need to raise enough money to get them to the competition.

Spring break steals

Spring break is right around the corner, and for many, that means a short getaway or trip home. But for those of you sticking around Boston, the closed dining hall and extra time are the perfect reasons to eat beyond our little corner of the Common.