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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Alum teaches marketing students tricks of the trade

Instead of walking down the aisle of a church, the bride took her steps between rows of size eight shoes. The wedding ceremony took place in a T.J. Maxx store in July 2010. Numerous outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, and the Associated Press, aired the unconventional wedding footage nationwide. It may have been the perfect ceremony for the bride and groom, but it also proved to be the perfect PR move for T.J. Maxx.


Surviving the day-to-day of interning in LA

“And how’s your internship?” It’s a question we at Emerson’s LA program encounter every day, and we’ve built an arsenal of generic answers to counter it—everything from “awesome” to “hard” to “busy, but good.” There’s one I’ve begun to stick with, though: “It’s a bit of a roller coaster.”

Miss Manners

Things are getting serious between you and your significant other. You’ve slept together, shared a plate of fries while discussing past heartbreaks, and maybe even broke out the “L” word. Now it’s time to meet the people that broke out the “L” word long before you came around: the parents. If your boo is a Mamma’s Boy or Daddy’s Princess, he/she probably cares that you gain his/her parents’ approval, whether it be a subtle pat on the back or an an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Here’s a few tips on how to convince them that you’re worth their baby’s sweet lovin’.


Students seek Zen with meditation group

From large coffees to yoga mats, every student handles stress differently. One commonality is that most are in search of relief from the hectic, multitasking lifestyle. The Emerson Meditation Movement is helping students move from juggling to balancing by emphasizing individual spirituality and expression.


Dressed to profess

In many professors’ offices around campus, bookshelves filled with Milton, Fanon, and Faust line the walls. In Brad Verter’s office in the Walker Building, a clothing rack houses an abundance of colorful, patterned ties and sports jackets in fabrics like tweed and wool.


Nerding Out

The tech world once again gathered in San Francisco March 7 to catch a glimpse of Apple’s latest toy: the new iPad. It’s not the iPad 3, as Apple has reverted to its Mac and iPod naming schemes and labeled their new gadget simply “iPad.” Starting at $499, the new iPad will be available online and in Apple retail stores tomorrow.


Brownstones, bars, bistros, and Berklee kids

From Hynes Convention Center to the Fenway T-stop on the green line lies what realtors refer to as the Fenway Triangle. The streets of the triangle are filled with funky restaurants, lively night clubs, trendy coffee shops, and hoards of students from Berklee College of Music.


Hempologist talks cannabis with students

A bright tie-dye tapestry runs across one wall of a Walker Building lecture hall and hemp paraphernalia and products -- lip balm, oatmeal, non-dairy desserts, and a block of cement -- rest on a table in front of an attentive audience.


Emerson and Berklee connect via dance

Students anxiously looked on as Berklee College of Music alumna Katalin Matyus sashayed across the room. “Slow, quick, quick, slow,” said Matyus as she demonstrated a dance move during her four-hour lesson. Matyus — who studied performance and professional music — has been instructing free dance classes to Berklee and Emerson students twice a week since 2007.


Procrastination Station

An all-nighter like this sounds all too familiar for many college students who have mastered, or at least practiced, the art of procrastination. Studies conducted in the last six years have shown that 70 percent of college students procrastinate and 50 percent admit that it is a real problem for them, according to Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, an assistant professor of psychology.


Earth Emerson hosts Recyclemania

Emerson College’s growing green community is increasing eco-friendly advocacy. Piano Row features the third floor Living Green learning community, and the dining hall has banished trays to reduce dishwater. Now, Earth Emerson — the college’s largest group of eco-activists — is encouraging students to recycle more by participating for the first time in “Recyclemania,” a nationwide contest.


Students begin to organize 2nd service trip to Nicaragua

In the center of the village of Chacraseca, Nicaragua stands an old, unused well. Senior Paige Trubatch, who volunteered in the town last summer with a group of Emerson students, said the well is the result of organizations pouring money into projects they can’t sustain.

Literary magazine hosts launch-party spelling bee

he audience grew silent as freshman Mackenzie Kuester approached the microphone. “Platypus. P-l-a-t-y-p-u-s. Platypus.” She passed the first round of Stork Magazine’s second annual spelling bee. “I got it right,” the writing, literature, and publishing major said, “which made me feel confident heading into the second round.”


Miss Manners

While you’re casually spritzing those three extra sprays of perfume on your cleavage or ironing out your good slacks, there’s only one thought going through your mind: God, I hope this date doesn’t suck. Compatibility and personality traits will determine if there’s a second date or not, but a few key etiquette tips can ensure that the date is not a downer.

Nerding Out

After making the case for video games at Emerson College, I looked to other schools to find student leaders in established game programs and inquired about their experience.