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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


The Awesome Cave echoes variety of voices

After graduating from Emerson last year, Danny Horgan faced a meager job market — so he created his own job.

This spring’s fashions

Even though piles of snow line the streets, it’s not too early to start thinking about clothes for spring. With Fashion Week just wrapping up in New York, everyone’s already thinking of next fall’s trends.


Running for a cause

On April 15, after running 26 miles in one day and raising over $5,000 dollars over the course of four months, senior Lauren Cortizo will be able to check one thing off her bucket list: participating in the Boston Marathon.


Cutting hair while cutting costs

For students who plan on wasting away spring break lying on their couch at home, Emerson’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) offers another option. The volunteer organization is bolstering its trip offerings this year by giving students the option to give aid in four different locations


EC Cash and dash: students swipe for taxi rides

With a quick swipe of an Emerson ID, EC Cash can be used as payment for food, laundry, and printing homework. EC Cash can also be used to pay for taxi rides, a new feature that went into effect in October.


Valentine’s sweetie-pie

Have your pie, and a second slice, too. This guilt-free dessert is the perfect way to give your Valentine’s Day a sweet ending.


Making magic modern

Benzaquin, who can be caught with a deck of cards on him wherever he goes, said he initially became interested in magic as a 5-year-old after watching TV shows such as The World’s Greatest Magic and various David Copperfield specials.

Communicating science through film

The college is co-sponsoring a science communication workshop on Friday at the Boston Museum of Science, featuring two Emerson professors and an Emerson alumnus on the discussion panel.


Web show answers love's toughest questions

In a school overrun with student organizations, publications, TV shows, and blogs, two freshmen writing, literature, and publishing majors have decided Emerson students are still in need of one more: a show that will give students advice on their love and social lives.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts workshop to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

To many, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just a break from work. It’s an excuse for a weekend getaway, or a time to shop MLK Day sales. But for others, the day is an important time of consideration.

Dietary fat more good than bad

There are few things in this country that are vilified as much as dietary fat. Everywhere you turn, there are low-fat versions of all of your favorite foods, condiments, prepared foods, etc. But fat isn’t actually the enemy. Maintaining your health, even if you are trying to lose weight, requires a moderate amount of fat in your diet.


Emerson Mane Events hosts Headphone Disco

At first glance, the Headphone Disco appeared to be little more than a sparse gathering of students caught dancing with headsets on. From the outside, it was a strange sight, but as music played in participant’s ears, it became easier to embrace the awkwardness of the situation.


Prom to Remember at Emerson

After seeing how many cancer patients were touched by the Prom to Remember event she attended in high school, Pamela Mora said she is determined to bring A Prom to Remember to Emerson next year.

Fashionista Gal: A look at Oscar nominees for Best Costume Design

Ornate ball gowns, crowns, and military uniforms dominate the nominations for Best Costume Design at the Oscars this year.


Reduce, reuse, Recyclemania

Kaela Holmes, a junior journalism major and co-president of Earth Emerson, said that Recyclemania, an annual competition with participation from colleges in the U.S. and Canada, is coming to campus Feb. 4 through the end of March.