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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Quiyk continues climbing, wins E3 Expo

Following the sale of over two-thirds of their inventory November at the Quidditch World Cup, Quiyk Athletic Apparel founders Matt Lowe and Eric Wahl knew it was time to expand.


Students strip down, donate clothes

Students lugged bags of clothes to the Boylston T stop, which will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Massachusetts. The small group shed their everyday attire and dashed off in a mass one-mile “fun-run” around the perimeter of Boston Common.


Hip Hapas share poetic talents

With Snappy Sushi pinched at the end of a pair of chopsticks, the next “generasian” of Emerson students gathered in the crowded Cabaret to learn and celebrate Hapas. Derived from the Hawaiian word meaning “half,” Hapa is used to describe a person who is part-Asian.

ERA Awards plan to shin

After hosting a fundraiser for the Japan tsunami disaster and six events for Asian Heritage Month last year, junior Charles DeRupe was in for a surprise. DeRupe, the marketing manager of the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards last year, was presented with the Student Leader of the Year award. After putting on an event every month in the academic year for Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness, the organization president’s hard work paid off.


Student entrepreneurs launch charity music business

With three days to make money, junior Isabel Thottam partnered with senior Emily Smith for a project as part of the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship (E3) program they were enrolled in.

Fashionista Gal

A style with an old-school vibe, loafers have been given a new attitude here at Emerson. Not nearly as recognizable as the scuffed penny loafers your grandfather wears, these updated shoes have been covered in gold, silver, black studs and spikes, and come in universal styles for men and women. Leave it to the hipsters to turn preppy shoes into weapons.


Student gets it "rite" with new clothing company

Instead of filling out job applications and anxiously preparing for tedious interviews, Jake Bailey is creating his own life opportunities. The sophomore marketing communication major launched his own clothing brand last month, exuding what he says is essential for any business: drive.


Sophomore wins $50k grant

Silently filming herself flipping through several handwritten notecards, sophomore Kanika Misra tells her story. In her 10-minute YouTube video, Misra narrates her experience with losing a loved one to pancreatic cancer, which would eventually be her winning ticket in a contest that would give a $50,000 social media grant to an organization of her choice.

Mentorship program helps pair students with professionals

Every year, about 50 freshmen and sophomores compete for a spot in the mentor program. The number accepted is small—only 10 of those students will gain a professional confidant in their field of choice, according to Carol Spector, the director of Career Services.


Vegan Food Fest gets sweeter

When Cakeology owner Victoria Donnelly whips up a velvety, double-chocolate cupcake topped off with mounds of cocoa frosting, she abides by three rules: no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. Donnelly’s vegan cupcake sensations will be among the many tasty treats at Earth Emerson’s first-ever Vegan Dessert Fest on April 16, in the Bill Bordy Theater from 6-9 p.m.


Etiquette guru shows students the ropes

Etiquette education has the stereotype of being boring and stuffy, and it reminds everyone about grandmothers who would shoot “the look” whenever elbows were placed on the table.

Kappa Gamma Chi hosts annual week-long awareness campaign

Under dim Christmas lights and paper heart cutouts strung on the walls sat 12 round tables with Hershey’sKisses and artificial tea candles. Pieces of paper reading “The course of true love never did run smooth” and other quotes about love awaited a crowd of 68 performers and audience members.


CSD Awareness Event provides students with a dose of perspective

A student mouthed “hello” as an electrolarynx vibrated against his neck, making the word faintly audible and slightly robotic. His facial expression mirrored the weird sensation of the device as it picked up the vibrations in his throat. The device allows users to see what it is like to communicate after having ones larynx removed due to throat cancer.


Alum teaches marketing students tricks of the trade

Instead of walking down the aisle of a church, the bride took her steps between rows of size eight shoes. The wedding ceremony took place in a T.J. Maxx store in July 2010. Numerous outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, and the Associated Press, aired the unconventional wedding footage nationwide. It may have been the perfect ceremony for the bride and groom, but it also proved to be the perfect PR move for T.J. Maxx.


Surviving the day-to-day of interning in LA

“And how’s your internship?” It’s a question we at Emerson’s LA program encounter every day, and we’ve built an arsenal of generic answers to counter it—everything from “awesome” to “hard” to “busy, but good.” There’s one I’ve begun to stick with, though: “It’s a bit of a roller coaster.”