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Monday, October 24, 2016


The different worlds of WERS and WECB

In the depths of the Ansin building, tucked away from the bustling sounds of Boston, lie the offices of WERS and WECB


Fashion's Night Out takes on Boston

Last Thursday night, Newbury Street was a thumping nighttime block party with live bands, free food and drinks, and fashionistas dressed to the nines

Emerson students get a feel for finance

Emerson’s new financial education program will encourage students to “get on the money” and learn the basics of saving, loans, and investing.

Fashionista Gal

While certain colors dominate the runways each season, the rule against wearing pastels in the winter or earth tones in the summer is one to be broken. The same idea applies to prints, fabrics, and silhouettes. Summer clothing—bright patterns or a favorite tank—can be repurposed for the fall. It’s all in the way one assembles an outfit.


OLs welcome new students with enthusiasm

It was the last day of training. At lunchtime in the dining hall, a mass of orientation leaders sat down, pen and paper in hand while they wrote letters to the incoming students they would be in charge of  for a week — a task Orientation Core Staff had given them.


New student magazine corners music niche

Publications spotted on campus cover everything from fashion to literature to film. But for junior Maria Spiridigliozzim an important topic was missing. Spiridigliozzi, a journalism major, collaborated with fellow juniors Melanie Cohen and Ashley Alongi, to start Chaos Magazine, a publication that will focus solely on music.

#WhenInEmerson, the jokes are on you

There is finally place for all to relate to these unique Emerson experiences: the #WHENINEMERSON Tumblr page. This latest Emerson viral sensation emerged in May. Students, alumni, and incoming freshman have been viewing and sharing short animations portraying the Emerson experience.

Miss Manners

My mother can tear you down with just one look. While other mothers patiently counted to three or pulled out “the naughty chair” when their child was acting up, my mother preferred the glare. It was so quick and subtle, that it was rarely noticed by others in our company, but it was a code between us that transmitted: You’re acting up, so mind your manners. Now.


Quiyk continues climbing, wins E3 Expo

Following the sale of over two-thirds of their inventory November at the Quidditch World Cup, Quiyk Athletic Apparel founders Matt Lowe and Eric Wahl knew it was time to expand.


Students strip down, donate clothes

Students lugged bags of clothes to the Boylston T stop, which will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Massachusetts. The small group shed their everyday attire and dashed off in a mass one-mile “fun-run” around the perimeter of Boston Common.


Hip Hapas share poetic talents

With Snappy Sushi pinched at the end of a pair of chopsticks, the next “generasian” of Emerson students gathered in the crowded Cabaret to learn and celebrate Hapas. Derived from the Hawaiian word meaning “half,” Hapa is used to describe a person who is part-Asian.

ERA Awards plan to shin

After hosting a fundraiser for the Japan tsunami disaster and six events for Asian Heritage Month last year, junior Charles DeRupe was in for a surprise. DeRupe, the marketing manager of the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards last year, was presented with the Student Leader of the Year award. After putting on an event every month in the academic year for Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness, the organization president’s hard work paid off.


Student entrepreneurs launch charity music business

With three days to make money, junior Isabel Thottam partnered with senior Emily Smith for a project as part of the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship (E3) program they were enrolled in.

Fashionista Gal

A style with an old-school vibe, loafers have been given a new attitude here at Emerson. Not nearly as recognizable as the scuffed penny loafers your grandfather wears, these updated shoes have been covered in gold, silver, black studs and spikes, and come in universal styles for men and women. Leave it to the hipsters to turn preppy shoes into weapons.