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Monday, February 8, 2016


From studio to stage: Senior eyes Miss Boston title

“I really like the fact that there is a required amount of money that you have to raise,” said Russo. “It’s taking my love for singing, karaoke, and my new-found love for pageantry and mixing it together, which is kind of cool,” she said. Rosengard praised Russo’s enthusiasm for fundraising as many contestants prefer to ask for donations rather than host a fundraiser, he said.


“S*** Girls Say” spinoffs reach Emerson, twice

An idea struck freshman Erin Arata over winter break. After watching the “shit [fill in the blank] say” phenomenon unfold, the writing, literature, and publishing major decided to create a video specific to her school: “Shit Emerson Girls Say.” Videos have cropped up on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, initially with “Shit Girls Say,” a parody portraying stereotypes of things girls may say. Variations of the video range from “Shit Boston Guys Say” to “Shit Nobody Says.” The original video was posted Dec. 12, 2011 and went viral, with 14,182,488 views as of Wednesday night.


Student Spill provides anonymous support through website

Sometimes it is easier to tell a complete stranger a secret. That is the philosophy that the Emerson chapter of Student Spill, an anonymous email-based college support network holds. The organization was launched in 2009, but came to Emerson last fall. President and founder of Student Spill at Emerson, Sarah Benkendorf, said she first read about the organization on last spring and immediately connected to it.


Chinatown holds a ceremonial parade this past Sunday

Chinatown holds a ceremonial parade this past Sunday.


College’s oldest dept. proves to be small but mighty

A piece of brain dropped on the floor. Associate Professor Vinoth Jagaroo, joked “Don’t worry, I’ll pick that up,” and the crowd laughed, eager to break the tension of a cerebral dissection. Jagaroo moved on to the next step. He steadied the scalpel in his gloved hand, ready to make a careful incision.


Freshman forms secular organization

Stewart and two other freshmen spent seven hours on two afternoons last week tabling in Piano Row, inviting students to help develop an Emerson branch of the national non-profit Secular Student Alliance.



This awards season is rife with excellent films that had even the most highbrow of film students saying, “Yeah, fine. George Clooney is a really great actor. Whatever.” Those films also brought equally beautiful style inspiration. Here’s how you can get inspired from some of the cinematic ventures of 2011:


Junior returns after gender reconstructive surgery

After months of planning, fundraising, and waiting, Chris Largent underwent surgery on Dec. 29 to remove his breasts. Largent was born female and has spent the majority of his life becoming male.

Miss Manners

Now that you’re a fancy adult — or becoming one — you’ll find yourself attending gatherings beyond birthday parties with spin-the-bottle. A variety of social events keep you meeting new people and talking to the ones you’re already fond of, instead of becoming a weird loner who watches “Downton Abbey” weekend nights covered in Cheez-It crumbs. But for every kind of party, there is a set of rules. If you want to be invited back, take note of the following.


Central Living

With spring soon approaching, rising juniors and seniors are beginning their search for off-campus dwellings for the next school year. According to an email from residence life sent to current sophomores, the projected availability for housing for the 2012-2013 academic year is approximately 200 beds. The estimate means that roughly 600 rising juniors will need to look elsewhere for housing.

Nerding Out

Comparatively, the game industry has promoted graphics and realism as the selling point for much of its existence. We’ve reached a tipping point where technology is able to realize a game’s creative vision while the market for games shifts from adolescent and adult males to everyone — games are more accessible.


A Look Inside: Animation and Motion Media Program

Bilali Kalilou-Mack has grown accustomed to melding the real and the imaginary. The junior visual and media arts major spends hours sculpting virtual realities on his computer, and is one of 38 students with a concentration in animation and motion media according to Colleen Kelly, the coordinator for the department.


Nerding Out

The hype train is departing from Silicon Valley with Path 2.0 — pitched as a mobile “smart journal” for iPhone and Android that functions like a private alternative to Facebook. I know what you’re thinking: Another social network? But what sets Path apart from the competition is its focus on a small, close-knit community — its 150 friend limit mandates an intimate experience.


Pet smugglers

Bugsy was smuggled into the Little Building in Wilson’s bag under the cover of darkness, when night security guards were working at the desk.


Deck the dorms with boughs of glitter

With stockings, tinsel, and lights all aglow, on-campus students at Emerson are decking the halls.