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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Love Notes: Surviving the Break

According to research released by Facebook analysts, more people break up two weeks before Christmas than any other time in the year.

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Deck the halls and bake the cookies

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas lights on Boston Common have been strung. The tree at Faneuil Hall is lit. And Starbucks is featuring peppermint mochas instead of pumpkin spice lattes. Bitter cold temperatures mean more time spent inside. Emerson students know how to celebrate the holidays both indoors and outdoors, exhibiting their decorating expertise by stringing lights, assembling trees, and mounting menorahs.

Health Matters: Making the holidays count

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the holiday season is officially upon us. From festive parties to family gatherings, it is the time of year when traditions and fun take precedence, and healthy habits tend to fall by the wayside. But even with all the tempting treats, there are ways you can enjoy the season and still fit into your jeans by the time the new year rolls around.

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One Month, 50,000 Words

NaNoWriMo, hosted annually in November, challenges prospective novelists to write 50,000 words within one month.

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Fraternity hosts professional summit for networking newbies

Zeta Phi Eta, Emerson’s only coed professional fraternity, launched its first Professional Summit on Sunday, Nov. 17 with the help of co-sponsors Career Services, on-campus marketing agency EmComm, and Google.

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College games help feed the hungry

The Emerson Hunger Games was sponsored and run by the Class Council of 2015

Across the pond: Hidden Inspirations

Cities are often synonymous with their biggest attractions: Paris is to the Eiffel Tower, as Rome is to the Coliseum, as London is to the palace guards. But what is Berlin synonymous with?

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Art motivates campus social change

Arts for Social Change Week was coordinated by EPSJ and other Emerson organizations, including the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Emerson Poetry Project, and Rareworks Theatre Company.

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Students take action with community service event

From serving spaghetti to the needy to playing Family Feud with the elderly, for many students, Veteran’s Day was spent lending a helping hand throughout the Boston area.

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Photographs shed light on Emerson students' stories

Boylston Street’s hustle and bustle is crawling with individuals eagerly rushing from classes to internships. Among the busyness, two students might emerge, requesting a picture and a brief interview to capture the creativity among the craziness. It’s all part of the new Facebook page, Humans of Emerson.

Love Notes: Cuffing Season

Have you ever noticed that, once it starts getting cold out, even some of the wildest partygoers trade in skin-tight pants for sweatpants, and one-night stands for a steady relationship? The sudden change in relationship statuses can only mean one thing: cuffing season is here.

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On poetry and Pulitzers

Levine came to visit Emerson Monday, Nov. 4 to answer students’ questions and perform some of his poems.

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Students assist media lab aimed to aid nonprofits

The Next Mile Project is an organization started by Dhar Law, a Boston law firm that set out to start a new trend in nonprofit law, according to the project’s communication associate, Emerson alumna Michelle Nigro.

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First Transgender Awareness Week promotes "the authentic me"

As October’s Queer Awareness Month came to a close, some on-campus organizations, with help from the college, decided to continue the theme by hosting Emerson’s first Transgender Awareness Week, running from Nov. 4 to Nov. 8.

Across the Pond: Forsaking the clichés

When I got to Europe, my overly romanticized notion of what I was getting into had me sipping wine in Paris, experiencing the nightlife in Amsterdam, visiting the Peace Palace in the Hague, and eating waffles and chocolate in Belgium. Now that I’ve been here for nearly two months, those ideas are still there. But overshadowing them are my actual experiences, and those are some I never would have had if Europe was still an image in my mind, instead of a place I got to live.